A Plumber’s Job

“We have grown accustomed to the wonders of clean water, indoor plumbing, laser surgery, genetic engineering, artificial joints, replacement body parts, and the much longer lives that accompany them. Yet we should remember that the vast majority of humans ever born died before the age of 10 from an infectious disease.” These words by a professor in School of Public Health Ilinois, Dr S. Jay Olshansky emphasize how much taken for granted we take the present plumbing services at our disposal!

A plumber's job

Have you ever wondered what a day is like in the life of the plumber, one who makes the smooth functioning of these plumbing systems possible? We were wondering the same and asked one of our team mates to describe a typical day in the life of a plumber working at our company ….name of company… Here is what he had to say!

Our working day

“My day starts quite early, and I am at the doorstep of my first ‘assignment’ by as early as 6-7am sometimes, depending on the convenience of the house owners. Though I fix an array of problems from dawn to dusk, the most common one is blocked drains! I usually work across homes, offices, restaurants, literally anywhere! I usually wrap up by 7-8pm, but if my services are needed I am available on call throughout.

The best part about my job is being able to fix a variety of problems and help people! I get to meet plenty of new people and have memorable moments with many clients who were impressed with my skills!”

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