Physical Skills

Our plumbers have the ability to hold their hand and arm steady when supporting a piece of pipe or tool, ability to coordinate the movement of their hands and the ability to use their fingers to manipulate small objects. This is known as good manual dexterity. Our plumbers are not released to the field until they pass the training of manual dexterity. When we send you a plumber, know that he passed it. Our professionals have good vision to spot problems, use measuring devices and properly line up fittings. We have trained them to maintain coordination between multiple limbs and work in cramped spaces or in a prone position. The plumbers engage in physical fitness exercises since they lift heavy items, work in extreme temperatures and at times need to climb.

Abilities plumber

Acquired and Mental Skills

Our master plumbers have good knowledge of geometry and algebra to help in making precise measurements. They have adequate oral communication skills to be able to communicate with the clients on their issues and how they are resolved. Our company has ensured that our plumbers have grasped certain mechanical basics to help determine the best option when resolving a problem such as to either repair or cut with a specific tool. Our plumbers are able to apply reason to a problem at hand, good listeners, able to make good decisions using good judgement and multitask.

Personal Attributes

Our plumbers are dependable since they perform work in a responsible manner and ensure all obligations are met. They are detailed oriented and thorough when they are solving a plumbing problem. Our amazing team work under little supervision and yet perform a task correctly, safely and in time. They have the persistence to see a job through to completion. Our team is the best!

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