Basement Problems

There are five common basement plumbing problems. A clogged toilet is a major concern to in the basement, since it may result in flooding and foundation damage. A sump pump is part of the basement plumbing system and if a storm knocks out the home’s power, it can overflow and flood the basement. The basement plumbing system can easily freeze and stop working and if the pipes become brittle enough to explode, they may leave the client with a serious financial burden. Malfunctioning of a water boiler. Most of the laundry rooms are located in the basement and their plumbing systems can go overlooked. When the hose of the washing machine becomes clogged with dirt or debris, it might explode due to the water pressure.

How basement plumbing works

Our Solutions

When our client recognizes the issues early on, they can contact us to prevent permanent damage. When the client tries to fix the clog using a plunger and it fails, our professional will go and unclog the toilet. When the sump pump has leaves, dust and dirt that have collected around and into it, the plumber will remove them and advise the client not to leave it off for months at a time. The plumber will fix the pipes that have exploded due to being brittle enough and run water through pipes to ensure that they don’t freeze over. We may fix a water boiler when it malfunctioning or if it’s too old, we can make a replacement. The clog in the hose of a washing machine can be removed and ensure that the hose is clean.


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