Kitchen sink

In every house, the kitchen sink is amongst the most important places. This is because many people use the sink for different purposes, it is healthy! A place that is used by many people should be kept in good condition constantly but it’s normal for them to experience a few plumbing problems. The plumbing problems may become catastrophic when not taken care of well. Problems such as clogs may create a very unpleasant site that would end up making the kitchen sink to be rendered out of bounds to people and it is unhealthy, not safe, to the user.

how kitchen sink plumbing works

Plumbing Problems

The most common plumbing problems of a kitchen sink are four. There is a weak stream of water that is caused by low water pressure. The pressure that is low is mainly caused by a clogged aerator. The kitchen sink tends to have occasionally a leaky kitchen faucet which might be caused by a damaged O-ring seal. All kitchen sinks have a trap that is usually P-shaped that is used to prevent sewer gasses and odours from entering the kitchen. The trap can collect soap and grease that ends up clogging the sink. Another problem is clogged drain lines that are connected to your kitchen sink.


Our clients can call or visit one of our branches to get a professional plumber. Mark you all of our plumbers are licensed. They will come over to the building and check the kitchen sink and determine what the problem with it is. They ensure they have carried with them the supplies to use to sort out the issue. Once they have sorted the problem, they test it to ensure that the kitchen sink has gone back to operating normally. The client can pay once satisfied fully.

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