It is widely known that a quote is an offer made by the plumber to sort a certain plumbing issue at a certain price. When the client accepts the price that the plumber has quoted, then the plumber cannot charge more than the quoted price. After the agreement between the client and the plumber, the quote has to be put in writing so that if a problem arises later there is a record of the agreement. Our company ensures that our master plumbers quote is not expensive for the clients but very affordable to them.

How to quote plumbing work

Contents of a Quote

The written quote made by our plumber and the client contains certain information.  The quote includes the work that needs to be done by the plumber, the hourly rate of the labor, how long it will take and the cost of materials. The written quote should also state how long the quote should be considered valid. You should ensure that the quote includes Goods and Services Tax. If the quote has not included the Goods and Services tax then this must be stated, otherwise, it will be assumed that it has been included in the amount quoted by the plumber.

Benefits of Our Quote

We appreciate when the client is very clear about the work that needs to be done and when it should be done. Our quote includes price range and materials affordable to the client. Our quoted price is reasonably cheap because the materials our plumbers use are of high quality and we tend to be realistic about how long our plumber will take to do the work satisfactorily. There is no obligation for our client to pay a deposit once the quote has been accepted. Our reputable company does not charge for quotes.

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