Septic Systems

It’s normal for many people to depend on the septic systems to work properly but in reality, septic tank problems are a stink. Septic systems require frequent inspection and servicing and the solid sludge to be removed by a professional since if you wait too long, there will be stinky smells developing, sewage backup, pools of water developing in your drain field and other very unpleasant things. In this case, our company’s amazing maintenance team has specialised in that area too. Waste such as feminine products, diapers, paper towels and wipes can clog your pipes or overload your septic tank since they do not degrade quickly.

Liquid plumber septic tank

Liquid Plumber

Pouring cleaning solvents, paint, bacon grease and waste that do not degrade quickly down your sink can reduce the efficiency of your septic tank or worse clog it. Our company offers advice on proper disposal methods via our professionals. Septic tank is an ecosystem of bacteria, which helps to break down your waste. Therefore it is never advisable to flush antibacterial soaps and household chemicals for that reason. The best option is to use Liquid Plumber to clear clogs because the ingredients will degrade quickly and will not harm the bacteria in the septic tank.

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Just a call away! Our company offers the best maintenance and repair services for septic tanks. We got you people. We offer frequent servicing of the septic systems for every 3 to 5 years depending on the preference of your client. Just visit one of our branches and our amazing team will be ready to help or call us anytime, day or night, and we won’t hesitate to send a licensed plumber over there. When it comes to leaks, our repair team will come to help address the problem really fast.

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