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One of the key interest of every house, hotel or flat is the shower. Many can attest that a shower is one of the main things that they ensure its working when they try out a new house or flat. When the shower is turned on full blast, the result should be a steady stream of water. When your shower results into low pressure, a slow drip of water or no water at all, shows that there is a problem. The problem might be that either clogged shower head, clogged pipes or a burst pipe leaking. The shower’s drain may clog and lead to really horrible sight. Our company has professional plumbers that will help with such problems to help you figure out where the problem is.

Liquid plumber shower

Liquid Plumber

Our amazing team will come and check out the shower or the shower drain to know where the clog is. In the case of the shower, if the clog is not on the shower head but in the pipes or pipe has burst, our repair team will unclog the pipes or stop the leak then test if the shower pressure has gone back to normal. A clogged drain when the plumber does not manage to unclog the drain manually, he/she will use Liquid Plummer to unclog the drain which later he will leave it to the client free of charge. A case of clogged shower head or faucet, the client will be advised to use vinegar to unclog it.


Being a reputable company with affordable charges, we charge fairly for unclogging the pipes, repairing leaks and unclogging the drains manually. Any advice given by the professional on how to unclog the shower head or the shower head by Liquid Plummer after trying to unclog manually is free.

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