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As a company, we ensure that we have all the contact information of our plumbers to be able to assure the clients that they are being served by legitimate people. Their company tags have their official names, passport photo phone number, company ID number and area of specialization. The information on the tags is to help the client to identify our personnel, get his phone number and see if he fits the issue that he/she wanted to be addressed through the area of specialization information. The client can determine if the professional sent to the premises is one of us by taking the company ID number from the tag and calling us and we will gladly give all the details of the plumber and the skills through a text message.

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Clients tend to want to have the information of the plumber who will be sent to them first before the plumber’s heads to their premises. Our company offers that service. When a client calls us to be helped to address a certain plumbing issue, we look for a suitable plumber of our company in an office near them and send the professional details of the plumber to the client through a text message. This helps the client to be able to know more information of the plumber especially the professional skills to assure the client that he/she can sort the problem. The contact information like the official names, phone number and company ID is included in case the client wants to complain about the services or appreciate.


Our company has very friendly and social personnel. When you want to know more information about the staff, you can inquire from them and they will gladly under our company law inform you honestly.

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