Plumber questions

Plumbing is an art and science best left for individuals professionally qualified for the job! Still everyday we all google our plumbing queries and many of us even try to find a plumber online. While not all the information given on the treatment is true, here is a list of the top five questions to ask your plumber before handing over the job to them!

Plumber questions

  • Do you have a license?

This is the most important factor and determines the knowledge of the professional and the qualification to deal with plumbing problems, whether simple or complex.

  • Are your charges on hourly basis or service basis (flat charges)?

While some plumbers charge according to the nature of service , example fixed charges for installation of dishwasher, etc; others charge based on the time taken to do the job example. If you are paying on hourly basis, it is usually assumed safe to enquire about the approximate time that may be taken to fix your problem so as to have a rough idea about the estimate.

  • When do you want the payment?

Again, the payment policy varies from company to company. While some demand part payment or complete payment at the beginning of services, others charge after the service has been provided.

  • Do you clean up your mess?

Though it doesn’t sound important, you don’t want to be cleaning up the mess created by your plumber!

  • Do I get a guarantee and post – service follow up if needed?

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