Offices and Call Line

The plumbing services that we have mostly tend to be in the homes of our clients. The clients love to supervise the plumber’s work. Most of our clients are mostly busy during the weekdays, so they end up requesting us to attend to their plumbing issues on Saturday. The highest demand for our services is often during the weekends, therefore, our company branches stay open during the weekends mostly Saturday so that our clients will have their plumbing issues sorted out. Our call line functions on Saturday and our clients are free to call us anytime they want and we will be there to help them.

Plumbers work on saturday


The high demand for our services on Saturday has made our company ensure that each team is represented by at least one personnel from our three teams: repair, maintenance and installation. Our maintenance and repair team work the round-the-clock since, these are the services, which most of our clients call for during the weekends. All our offices must have the three personnel and a professional to advise the clients that visit the branches on plumbing issues and to receive the calls from our clients. Saturday we work!


Many plumbing companies tend to charge a little bit expensive for services that are offered during the weekend but our company is different. We charge our clients the same prices as the working days because we care more about your well-being than the financial benefit. We are here to serve you. We offer all the services: repair, maintenance and installation at very affordable prices to our clients. Finally, some Saturdays we tend to have amazing offers for our esteemed customers so that they can get to enjoy our various professional services such as repair and free maintenance.

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