Sanitary Plumbing

The work constitute of the fixing of various pipes and several other plumbing systems within homes, properties and so on. Some of this fixing constitute of traps, soils in pipes, this supplies of water and other operations plumbers are involved. Our company generally considers the codes and rule of inspectorate in when it comes to sanitary check in buildings within the area we are working. The building inspector signs off the code compliance certificate. Most of our professional plumbers in our sanitary company are obliged in verification, supervision and testing. Furthermore, there other operation which we do not perform like installation of some appliances like the washing machines and so on.

Santitary and plumbing works

Sanitary Drainage system Authorization

Our professional plumbers fall under two license categories of plumbers. We have plumbers that fall under 1st tier, also known as a certifying plumber. They have the highest qualification and are qualified and registered. We ensure that under this category, our plumbers would also ensure that all work is dome to completion and immediately. The other lot fall under the 2nd tier, tradesman plumber. The plumbers who fall under this category are also qualified, registered and they work independently. A certified supervisor is nominated to ensure that the work they do is competent.

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Sanitary plumbing services are best offered by our company. In order to reach us, our company has set up branches everywhere to ensure that our clients can get these services close to them. The clients can call us anytime to request for sanitary services and we will immediately send a professional to help them out. Our company is open on the weekends too so that our clients can contact us and enjoy our services. We are here to serve all our clients any time.

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