Urinal installation: all you need to know (tip!)

Proper urinal installation:

Urinal installation detail

Why urinal installation is important: A urinal can is a fixed item flushed with the use of water whose liquid leftover pipes down into the waste system of the building. Urinals are being produced in various sizes and shapes which are mounted either on the floor or wall.

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While planning and designing a modern and new household or in the course of the renovation of a bathroom, the homeowners nearly do not consider the use of a urinal in their home as a plumbing fixed object. Since urinals are inexpensive and easy to install and they also make use of a smaller amount of water than the customary toilets, several homeowners are at present reexamining this equipment as a possible addition to their bathrooms. Several producers who do fix this device do uphold a track of artistically designed and residential use prototypes. Other advantages of possessing that type of a fixture in the home comprise of:

  1. Clean design that may be taken care of in time.
  2. Low upkeep expenses and possible space reserves.
  3. Urinals are installed with simple hand implements.

Urinal installation instructions

The urinal installation Instructions are as follows:

  1. Empty the urinal from the cartoon used to wrap and cover it. Take a moment to check the fixed device to ensure there is no form of damage. Confirm that you also possess all the essential utensils, fixtures, tools, and fitting together materials to complete the installation procedure. Before the installation of a wall suspended urinal, a mounting board is a prerequisite that is needed to be placed within the wall nails and studs for sustenance and the producer’s essential terms and conditions for the urinal. Set the urinal device in a flat and level spot behind the completed wall.
  1. They offer structural backing directly behind the surface of the completed wall at the area where the device will be accurately installed. Except the element will be fastened straight to the wall studs, the usage of one-inch, whether preserved plywood at the back of the drywall is suggested which is also the best option. Before the commencement of the fixtures and installation process, position the plywood to the wall studs.
  1. The next installation instruction is to decide on where the wall hangers, drain and water supply ought to be situated with the use of the provided stencil. Then, tape the template or stencil to the wall in the preferred position ensuring that it is on the same pedestal or level. The height of the urinal lip is usually positioned twenty-four (24) inches above the level of the ground but might be changed based on the preference of the user. In making use of the stencil as a guideline, cautiously spot and take note of all positions on the wall by using a pencil.
  1. Get rid of the stencil or guide. There is need to drill about one-quarter (1/4) inch pilot openings where the wall hanger bolts will be fixed, with the use of drywall saw, eliminate just sufficient drywall for the wastewater route and water supply to be amended to leave the wall in the preferred position. There is a need to change the waste line and water supply so that, they can quickly exit the wall in the preferred area.
  1. Mount the urinal wall hangers in place with the use of the provided screws and bolts, and ensure to pin and screw them tightly to the wall and the wood hangers situated at the back of the wall. Confirm that the supports are level by making use of a carpenter level for positioning. Then modify as needed.
  2. Then, with the use of PVC cement, join the existing waste pipe with the provided outlet linking. Then change the appointment of the outlet-pipe connection.
  3. Cautiously place the urinal in a position a little on top of the wall hangers, and organize the urinal passage fitting in a route that is positioned on the wall and the waste-opening at the back of the urinal. Ensure to reduce the urinal towards the supports and hangers. Therefore, prudently make tighter the extra screws to safeguard the urinal solidly to the wall. Don’t over tighten since the china surface can easily be cracked.
  4. With the use of the provided inlet spud, join the flush regulator element to the uppermost of the urinal. The spud would be situated within the urinal and flush regulator and will only slide into the right channel if adequately located. Make tighter the flush regulator firmly, and be cautious about making use of the provided rubber washers to avoid water leakage.
  5. Join the flush regulator with the water supply, and examine the fitting together for leaks and seepages. Modify the flush regulator as essential if any seepage observed. Now, the urinal is now well fitted and installed for use.

Urinal mounting kit

The urinal mounting kit includes:

  1. Tape measure
  2. 1-inch plywood
  3. Level
  4. Pencil
  5. Tape
  6. Electric drill
  7. Drywall saw
  8. Drill bits
  9. PVC Cement
  10. Socket set
  11. Clean Rag

Waterless urinal installation instructions

For the installation of a waterless urinal, the following steps and guidelines are to follow:

  1. Do ensure to clamp the support flush in conjunction with the back of the waterless urinal. Then measure the foot of the bracket or support system to the center of the drain tube on the Urinal. With this dimension, measure from the center of the drain tube in the wall and take note of the spot and mark the spot.
  2. Then, Set up the wall bracket. Ensure that the bracket is positioned correctly and level.
  3. Eliminate the ancient elastic of the gasket and adequately clean the flange and drain carefully. Set up modern flange coupler, elastic gasket with an extended portion to the wall and tighten up screws.
  4. Then add grease to the drain tube and lubricate and put inside the coupler. Ensure to put in and out very well until it is done with ease.
  5. The next instruction is to hang the Urinal on the wall. Look out for the position, alignment, and pitch to waste line tube. For accurate drain line positioning, alignment and angle, there is a need to modify the Wall Bracket up or down.
  6. Grasp the drain hose with a pliers or related implement and insert inside the house till it reaches the stop of around one-one-quarter inches (1-1/4″) in depth. Ensure not to use cylinder dope or putty of a plumber which will lead to housing disaster. If the cylinder dope or plumber’s putty is used for the housing fixtures, the warranty will be canceled.
  7. Carry out a water experiment for a smooth flow and confirm there are no leakages. Protect the Urinal on foot and then do install following the installation instructions. Complete the installation instructions by plugging near the bowl.

Urinal installation dimensions

Before the installation of your urinal, you will surely think about the aspects to use. No constant rules are governing it, but there is some recommendation to be followed which is:

  1. For adults use- use a mounting height of 660mm.
  2. For children use- who is of secondary school age should be 560mm.
  3. For children use- who is of primary school age should be 500mm.
  4. For Babies, make use of 430mm.

The measurements mean the altitude within the ground and the forward-facing edge of the urinal.

Urinal installation height

For the customary home practice, twenty-four inches is the universal height prerequisite for a wall mounted urinal. That is the dimension from the edge or lip of the urinal to the ground.

Urinal installation in the home

Urinals are the support of public-public restrooms but are also being set-up in personal homes more repeatedly. They make use of a smaller amount of water and are easy to use and to take care of and maintain than toilets. For environmental awareness, waterless urinals can also be set up using similar universal methods as a standard urinal. If you would like to set up and install your urinal, all needed are just some tools, some perseverance, and some maintenance.

Urinal mounting bolts

The material of the urinal mounting bolts is steel, and the composition of the set are:

  1. 2x stud screw
  2. 2x plug 12 nylon
  3. 2x plastic washer
  4. 2x plastic cap
  5. 2x nut M10
  6. 2x steel washer DIN 125
  7. 1x plastic bag

Urinal mounting height

The universal Installation height is around twenty-four (24) inches from the top rim or lip of the urinal straight to the floor.

Urinal partition mounting height

Urinal partitions are used to provide more privacy in public buildings. Most of the time, it is placed in between numerous urinals, or it is cited in the middle of a sink and a urinal.

Urinal partitions provide various kinds of heights and widths and are dependent on what you need. The heights of partitioned or divider do vary from about 42 inches to 58 inches, and the widths of the boards do vary between 12 inches to 76 inches. Public urinal partitions are available in a diversity of material types as well as the plastic shield, powder-coated steel, hard plastic, solid phenol, and stainless steel. Mounting choices for urinal partitioned: Ground-mounted confidentiality screens provide more quality support; the boards or panels possess a ground-mounted pole at the end that is mounted to the board for additional strength.

Ground to the ceiling 10’ pole and board are the most efficient way to maintain a neat look in the bathrooms with choices of large extra confidentiality’s. The boards or Panels are around twelve (12”) inches to seventy-six (76”) inches wide by fifty-eight (58) inches height.

Directly above the chocked floor mounted partitioned has a pillar or pole that is attached to the ground and make use of an aluminum head bar to have the top at eighty-two (82″) inches become stable and safe. The panels or boards are within the range of twelve (12″) inches to seventy-six (76″) inches wide by fifty-eight (58″) inches height.

Urinal standard mounting height

For typical household use, the universal height prerequisite for a wall-mounted urinal is twenty-four (24) inches. That is the dimension from the edge or lip of the urinal to the ground. Though, the Americans for instance with their Disabilities Act call for a lesser height for individual users. An altitude of about twenty-four inches from the upper lip or frame of the urinal down to the ground is the universal and standard measurement for a wall urinal. Though, do endeavor to take note and observe your urinal with your resident house codes for possible slight differences before installation take place because it is likely that your vicinity has a strict system of practice and rules concerning urinals. Peradventure if any male person in your household uses a wheelchair and will be making use of urinal, the urinal altitude is obligatory for the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act rules to be user-friendliness, and to be easily accessible. The distance from the ground to the front edge or rim of the urinal ought to be seventeen (17) inches.

Various models of urinals:

Multiple models of urinals are structured and fabricated based on client needs by clean product industry. Urinals are utilized in home, industry, commercial places, office, and numerous different spots. On this page, you will discover all sorts of urinals that you can find in the market. If you intend to purchase urinals for any reason and you have disarray on the one to buy, then you came to the best spot.

Classification of urinals can be carried out based on various factors. Some of the factors are listed below as:

  1. Design& Function of the Urinal.
  2. Materials used to produce urinals.
  3. Type of Mounting.
  4. Urinals for Gender.

Types of urinals include:

  1. Flat back urinal
  2. Corner urinal
  3. Stall urinal
  4. Sensor urinal
  5. Squatting urinal
  6. Waterless urinal
  7. Portable urinal
  8. Handicap urinal
  9. Trough style urinal
  10. Child urinal.

Ladies urinal installation

A female urinal is intended for the life structures of ladies, to permit convenience by ladies and young ladies. Distinctive models empower pee in standing, semi-hunching down, or crouching stances, dependably lacking direct, substantial body contact with the urinal. Sitting models additionally are present, though with real straight connection with the urinal.

  1. A urinal is overwhelming and offers reasonable necessary help behind the completed divider for the loose screws. The divider, or substance the screws joined to, must be of adequate solidarity to ultimately bolster the urinal. The urinal is then joined to the divider/wall at the top with holders that are in a bolted to the divider/wall. The base appended with slack fastens through the spaces within the china, through the openings in the outlet fixtures, into the completed fence. It might be essential to introduce two by six planes behind the completed wall. Positioning the wall planes between two nails for the first platform of the wall plane to be flush with the forward-facing nails/studs, the finished mural will now be connected over the horizontal surface.
  2. Decide on the situation of the outlet, mounting screws, and holders. The height of the urinal’s edge over the floor must be 24 inches which is the highest standard establishment and 17 inches for A.D.A.
  3. The female urinal has the pipe in the base and is provided with one-half (1-1/2) inches base nails/spud. The element prerequisite is an exterior trap-way supplied by other people. The position of the waste route controlled by the pattern of the trap-way utilized.
  4. Put the holders set up and safeguard it with the screws. Verify that the holders are level, also carefully dispersed separately for the installation you are going to make use of.
  5. Set-up the flanged outlet connection on top of the squander hose.
  6. Cautiously put the urinal on the holders, and then adjust the apparatus outlet to the outlet connecting to the wall. The fitting object might be, or height being modify by losing holder bolts and altering as needed. Don’t over fix the screws because it has the potential to break the china when over tighten.
  7. Attach the flush valve to the upper channel spud available. Most of the ladies urinals do have top channels. So, utilize the flush valves and regulators with the vacuum roller, one-inch point screwdriver halt, and flush fixtures.
  8. Attach and fix the water supply fixtures very well. Verify the supply and waste links for leakages. Hoist pipes aren’t in charge of spilling or slack connections.
  9. This fitting object is nearly upkeep free. Make sure to take care of it by cleaning it with any non-grating home cleaner and a delicate fabric. Abstain from hitting it with metal items, as they tend to damage the surface.

Geberit urinal installation

Geberit has three important methods that help in the installation of the urinal; they are:

  1. Geberit Duo fix: Geberit Duo fix is the extensive scope of sterile apparatuses with all inclusive and self-supporting set-up components in drywall development. It is proper for parcel wall establishments, in wall set-up and installation in frivolous stud wall just as for part-stature and the height of the room pre-wall set-up, and can be utilized in new structures only as modernizations. With more than two hundred models, the Geberit Duo fix set-up components spread over any possible claim. This encourages the set-up of urinals, toilets, taps, all channels, and washbasins. The stages are as follows:

Step 1: Mount the Geberit Duo fix framework bar and put inside the Geberit Duo fix screw at the upper and base of the framework bar.

Stage 2: Adjust the Geberit Duo fix set-up components with the screws and secure utilizing point sections.

Stage 3: Attach the bar by utilizing the spontaneous connector.

  1. Geberit GIS: Through the Geberit GIS, the supportive network, set-up components and framework framing become entire sterile walls through to the tile-posture surfaces in only a couple of steps. On account of hardware free supportive network connections innovation, a solitary individual can completely do mounting alone. Dimensional resilience’s can be adequately repaid with Geberit GIS. The Geberit GIS spread contains components for wall hung water closets, and Geberit Aqua Clean sprays toilets just as for interfacing the Geberit Duo Fresh smell extraction element. The stages involved are:

Step 1: The Geberit GIS framework wall is prepared in a matter of moments by any means.

Stage 2: The installation components are incorporated and funneled in the finished Geberit GIS supportive network.

Stage 3: The Geberit GIS supportive network can be framed for tiling quickly upon its finish.

  1. Geberit Kombi fix: Geberit Kombi fix set-up components answer wall hung clean agency installation in secure development. Installation components are accessible for all standard sterile apparatuses. The parts are the answers for block wall set-ups and installations.

Stage 1: The Geberit Kombi fix component is first joined to four affixing focuses on the divider.

Stage 2: The water link and seepage are associated.

Stage 3: Then the Geberit Kombi fix installation component is built with brick. The wall is plaster over in anticipation of the tiller.

Gerber urinal installation

Gerber’s urinal wall hung urinal is a low-utilization installation, using a total of 1.0 gal level. The urinal has broadened shields and double holders for the regulation of waste and improved cleanliness for the users. This urinal is in compliant with ADA, half arcade dimension that sits at a perfect stature for most of the users and highlights an uncovered, top-tater flush meter. A similar system that was connected for the women urinal set-up was additionally connected which are listed below:

This equipment is needed in the installation of Gerber urinal installation, and the template that will be provided by the manufacturer should be followed appropriately to proper installation:

  1. Low Consumption of 1.0 gallons per flush (3.8 Lpf)
  2. Commercial Size
  3. Integral Flush Spreader
  4. Extended Shields
  5. Dual Hangers/Holders
  6. For Exposed flush meter (top spud) four (4) inches by 3/4 inches
  7. Two inches (2″) S.P.S. Female Outlet Connection Provided.

Ladies urinal pan installation

The installation of ladies urinal pan installation is carried out as follow:

  1. Set up the wall holders as indicated by the template in representation.
  2. Put on string sealant tape to the pipe strings and set-up the female lapel to the waste tube.
  3. Spot the gasket onto the female lapel with the sloped surface confronting far from the lapel.
  4. Cautiously place the urinal on the wall holders.
  5. Secure the urinal pan to the female lapel utilizing the screws, bolts and washers supplied.

Residential urinal installation

The residential urinal installation is generally as follow:

  1. Set-up, the flush valve as per the maker’s guidelines.
  2. Interface the water source and ensure the completion of the waste pipe links.
  3. Switch on the supply of the water.
  4. Flush and check the whole connection for leakages.

Urinal bowl installation

  1. The provided urinal bowl ought to be connected to the outlet opening in the passage of the urinal; this would then be able to be linked with a correctly estimated device and afterward to your waste tube.
  2. Attach the flush hose to the urinal’s bay end pipe with a pressure fitting.
  3. Set-up the auto taps into the opening at the base of the reservoir.
  4. The pool ought to be verified to the wall utilizing a suitable wall connection. Ensure that the tank is level.
  5. Attach the flush pipe to the tap-tail using a top nut and elastic ‘o’ ring; the flush pipe must enter the tail of the tap by close to twenty-five (25mm). The flush pipe can be sliced to estimate if essential.
  6. Safeguard the flush tube to the wall by utilizing downpipe cuts.
  7. Attach the petcock to the water supply by making use of an exclusive tap fixture.
  8. Then properly install the urinal bowl according to the template given by connecting the outlet opening in the passage of the urinal.

Urinal drain installation

Urinal drain installation can be carried out as follow:

  1. Utilizing the wall sections as formats, measure and imprint the area of all the mounting openings, as per measurements are given in the layout. Use #19 (.166) boring tool for 2 inches (50mm) profound pilot openings into sufficient wall backing
  2. Safeguard the wall sections with 12 by 2 inches bolts.
  3. Place board with the goal that it contacts the nuts of the screws that append the sections to the wall.
  4. Utilizing sections as formats, drill #19 through the board.
  5. Attach board to sections with #10-32 x 1-1/4 inches (#10-32 x 1-3/4inches 1040) bolt and #10-32 screws.
  6. Prudently put the urinal drain on the holders, and then modify the device passage to the channel joining to the wall.

Urinal flange installation

The urinal flange is to be installed behind a urinal and associate with the center point of the funneling framework. It usually wholly comes with mounting equipment and set-up guidelines such as:

  1. Injection formed in non-harmful robust low fire and smoke appraised Gray polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  2. Generally utilized in the seepage segment of the DWV framework as it were.
  3. encounters light and smoke prerequisites of (CAN/ULC 102.2, 25/50) for non-burnable structures.
  4. Extreme administration temperature appraised at (140F) with (60C).
  5. Fire Retardant, won’t bolster burning within sight of the eruption source.
  6. Make use of affirmed PVC preliminary and dissolvable bond to produce the PVC Joints.
  7. Great concoction protection from acids, soluble bases, alcohols, incandescent lamp, and other destructive media.
  8. The flange is fortified with a cross beam to keep the split from spreading around.
  9. Thick froth gasket gives an optimistic seal, diminishing the possibilities for leakages.

Urinal flush valve installation

A urinal flush valve is a segment in the can tank that utilizes a flapper to regulate the progression of water into the flush. A typical issue is the consistent spillage of water through the flush valve that is baffling and wasteful, both monetarily and ecologically.

  1. Interface the tie or chain to the flapper valve that has turned out to be withdrawn, snare it back to the gaps that expose the flapper valve with ease.
  2. In case the flush valve position is metallic in nature, clean it with the use of sandpaper or steel fleece. Plastic flush valve positions can be taken care of by washing with the use of a non-scratching plaguing ball. If your tank utilizes a flush ball is an attachment, you can clear it of stores utilizing grating paper or fine steel fleece.
  3. Adhere to the directions on the template to find the best position for the flusher fixer over the old destroyed valve situate. The packs ordinarily comprise of a sealant loop. Cautiously strip off the defensive paper from the sealant loop and afterward position it above the opening of the flush valve place of the urinal.
  4. Ensure the closure of the fitting with a flapper, and join the chain that keeps running from the flapper valve to the handle of the flush. Reduce the overabundance chain, if the need arises. Then, switch on the supply of water and add water to the tank till it full.

Urinal gasket installation

Go to the store of a pipes supply and secure an American Standard urinal cistern to get a urinal gasket, which has a rim around the verge. Then, cut openings in that rim for the two supports on the wall passage connections. Break it onto the passage connection and set up the gasket and urinal. The side of the gasket will have it set up as you stand and mount the urinal and it is sufficiently dense to create a covered an excellent seal.

Urinal trap installation

The urinal trap installation is as follow:

  1. Put on expendable gloves; apply sterile oil to the edge of the new trap.
  2. In case you have a trap for a fired urinal instead of a polycarbonate urinal, at that point, you don’t make difference oil to the trap.
  3. Make use of a few liters of clean, cold water to flush down any remains.
  4. Now attach the hatch into the trap hanger that is inside the urinal bowl with the openings in the highest point of the arch situated far from the user to the behind of the bowl as appeared in the amplified image.
  5. Make beyond any doubt that the trap is pushed solidly into the right spot flush with the brink of the trap frame.
  6. Place another plastic sifter across the trap or recycle the cleaned hardened steel strainer.
  7. Flush with about a large portion of water down the urinal.
  8. Then spray the urinal with an excellent and beautiful energetic cleanser.

Urinal valve installation

Before the installation of urinal valve, first set up the items listed below:

  1. Closet or Urinal Fixture
  2. Drain Line
  3. Water Supply Line

The installation strategy is as follow:

  1. Set-up the stop valve and the wall rib. Acquaint with the unpleasant in measurement appeared.
  2. Earlier to embeddings, the flush meter valve rear end keen on the stop valve, ensure that the O-ring lid is situated in the O-ring lid hollow toward the finish of the rear end and that the locking snap loop and lock nut are situated as appeared and dampens the O-ring with water will be adequate.
  3. Attach the flush meter valve rear end inside the stop valve and hand-fix the lock screw to the stop valve. Level the whole element.
  4. Conclude on the distance of the vacuum breaker pipe that will be needed to link the installation spud and flush meter valve. Cut the vacuum breaker pipe to the required length, gather the vacuum roller pipe together and spud nut the connection and fixture of installation spud and urinal valve.
  5. Hand-fix the vacuum breaker pipe and spud nut to the links and urinal valve. Adjust and align the valve connections. With the use of a wrench, fix the fixed object spud nut, vacuum roller tube, and lock nut.
  6. Before the supply of water is switched on, make sure all the stop valves to the flush valves are shut off firmly. The stop valves can be unhooked and shut by utilizing the alteration screw situated at the focal point of the stop valve top, at the back of the modification screw spread if as of now introduced. For fresh set-up, we suggest the subsequent stages:
  7. Sealed off the stop valve and evacuate the covering of the flush meter.
  8. Buzz out the cylinder valve.
  9. The urinal valves are preset for installation capacity as set apart on the valve containers. The lid does not need alteration for differences in water density within its working range. To install the urinal valve for legitimate activity, open the stop valve totally by spinning the change screw and flush the urinal valve a few times.
  10. The stop top screw spread ought to be supplanted and firmly verified after conclusive modifications have been completed.

Waterless urinal installation

The science of waterless urinal is fundamental. The waterless urinal is intended to coordinate the liquids into the snare where it goes through a layer of daintier fluid called the fixing fluid, in which the remaining parts over the pee and structures a scent hindrance. The device is exceptionally intended to moderate the liquids and keep the fixing fluid from being washed down the channel.

Waterless urinals set up like any other regular urinal installation. Every urinal accompanies the essential equipment in addition to two Eco-Traps. In most retrofit circumstances, you can utilize the current spine from the ordinary urinal to set up the Waterless urinal which also spares time.

Since there are no necessities for water, the set-up needs a standard of 2 inches channel link. It’s dependent upon the apparatus and maker you select, a point by point set of installation guidelines for the specific model will be incorporated. Likewise with ordinary wall hung urinals, a significant part of a similar harsh in planning applies:

  1. Set-up the wooden patron sheets where the urinal holders will have access.
  2. Channel can be roughed into the standard height of 18 inches or the height of 11 inches for incapacitated people.
  3. The urinal tater is fixed and mounted level with the wall.
  4. Backsplash and adjoining water must be impenetrable to water (pee).

Do it yourself urinal installation:

Install urinal flush valve

Indeed, the vicinity around those can be uncultured, however when the urinal is in one’s private household, one has a laser-centered point, and there is ultimately no wreckage. The fluids go where they should go, and no place else. Before setting out on any real pipes venture yourself, makes sure to consider the outcomes should you neglect to finish it legitimately!

In doing the installing of urinal flush valve yourself is contingent upon which problem is disturbing your flush valve, you can endeavor to revive the control stop or first pipe by setting-up a handle fix tools or supplant the lid if it’s exhausted. One of the pressing issues that do happen when the urinal flush valve isn’t appropriately installed is that the urinal won’t flush properly.

Install urinal plumbing

To install urinal plumbing, take note of the following:

  1. Ensure they are superior structure innovation with straightforward connections guidelines.
  2. Make sure the urinal association pieces and suction mounted parts are made up of polypropylene with the best highlights for household squander water.
  3. Ensure that, the urinal association prod is in various shading differences.
  4. Then the connection sets for wall-mounted and ground-standing urinal are ready to be installed.

Install urinal wall

  1. After the removal of the urinal from the cartoon used to wrap and cover it.
  2. Check the device to ensure that there is no form of damage.
  3. be sure that you also possess all the essential utensils, fixtures, tools, and fitting together materials to complete the installation guideline.
  4. Before the installation of a wall suspended urinal, a mounting board is a prerequisite that is needed to be placed within the wall nails and studs for sustenance and to follow the producer’s essential terms and conditions for the urinal.
  5. The standard specifications decide the elevation from the ground to fix the mounting board within the nails or stud bolt, though the mounting board is set and connected before the stud bolts are shielded with a completed wall.
  6. Secure the wall suspended urinal firmly with the use of bolts or pins or screws to a mounting board positioned behind the finished wall. To ensure that, the urinal device is set in a quiet and level spot

Installation of urinal

  1. After removing urinal from the case or box used to wrap it, set the urinal device in a quiet and level spot.
  2. Ensure you have created the structural backing directly behind the surface of the completed wall at the area where the device will be accurately installed in your home.
  3. Decide on where you put the wall hangers, get rid of the stencil and mount those using screws and bolt.
  4. Join the existing waste pipe with the provided outlet linking by using PVC cement.
  5. Place the urinal on top of the wall hanger and then join the flush regulator element to the uppermost layer of the urinal using provided inlet spud.
  6. Join the flush regulator with the water supply, and examine the fitting together for leaks and seepages.

Installation of urinal bowl

  1. The first procedure is for you to attach the flush tube to the urinal’s bay end pipe with a pressure fitting.
  2. Then, set-up the auto taps into the opening at the base of the reservoir.
  3. Ensure that the pool is level concerning the wall.
  4. Fasten the flush pipe to the tap-tail utilizing a top nut and elastic ‘o’ ring, and the flush pipe must enter the tail of the tap like around twenty-five (25mm).
  5. With the use of downpipe cuts, bolt the flush tube to the wall
  6. Attach the petcock to the water supply by making use of an exclusive tap fixture.
  7. Then adequately install the urinal bowl according to the template given by connecting the outlet opening in the channel of the urinal.

Installation of urinal flush valve

  1. a) The first step is to join the tie or chain to the flapper valve that has turned out to be withdrawn and snare it back to the gaps that expose the flapper valve with ease.
  2. b) Then clean it, if metallic with sandpaper or steel fleece while you will use non-scratching plaguing ball to clean plastic flush valve.
  3. c) Follow the directions on the template to find the best position for the flusher fixer over. The packs ordinarily comprise of a sealant loop. Then, strip off the defensive paper from the sealant loop and afterward position it above the opening of the flush valve place of the urinal.
  4. d) Ensure the closure of the fitting with a flapper, and join the chain that keeps running from the flapper valve to the handle of the flush. Then, switch on the supply of water and add water to the tank till it full, but cut off the excessive chain if necessary.

Urinal mounting bracket

Urinal mounting bracket is intended to decrease weight on urinal screens. The mounting bracket can bolster numerous compositional things, as well as a wall, overhang, parapets, overhang, the spring of a curve, pillars, pergola rooftop, window box, or a rack. Bracket likewise is a component in the frameworks used to mount present-day exterior cladding frameworks onto the outside of contemporary structures, just as inside boards.

Urinal mounting hardware

The urinal mounting hardware is often used for male urinals, though and for some female urinal. Urinals can whichever be vertical wall mounted device or squat chunks in which the user hunker down or squat over. The urinals can be utilized using water or without water and the pipes can be established appropriately. There are manual and mechanized flush methods.

Hire a professional plumber for urinal installation

Employing a professional for your urinal installation will get your pipes to venture completed on time given.

For what reason Should I Hire a Professional Plumber? Professional plumbers are authorized, safeguarded and prepared in their separate areas. This conveys a ton of capacity with regards to your home. Majority of you know that water impairment can make broad harm your home including the deck, drywall and also furniture substitution.

Urinal installation near me

Have you moved to another environment entirely and required the help of a urinal installation near me? The web has made everything simple to do. There is no requirement for seeking here and there as you can get your cell phones and take a look at the best urinal installation administration close to your environment. Since this procedure may likewise be risky, please do your best in studying about the organization or installer properly and engage them in an online discussion.

Urinal installation cost

Plumbers charge are fixed by hourly work rate for the job they are given to carry out. When you put into consideration, their numerous long periods of preparing, proceeding with training just as the exorbitant costs of their protection and licenses into the record, you can all the more likely comprehend the explanation for their rates. What ought to never be ignored is the way that employing an expert handyman offers you more than specialist service. It gives you true serenity. In the case of anything deplorable occurs, you are secured, in which a large portion of the charge as much as €75-€200.

Commercial urinal installation

As an entrepreneur, you realize that the solace of your representatives, clients, and visitors is critical, and having a convenient bathroom in your office is essential to your organization’s day by day activities. At various commercial urinal installation plumbing and Sewer services, they do offer a full choice of business toilet installation services, alongside moderate answers for handle fix, setting-up, and overhauling of sinks, urinals, and many other services.

After the installation of the transformer, flush meter and some other required machines. The position of the urinal sensor is essential. Inability to appropriately position the electrical box to the pipes unpleasant will yield to inappropriate set-up and debilitate item execution. All the tradesmen that are handymen, circuit testers, tile setters, and so on that are acquainted with the setting-up of this sensor enacted flush meter must be acquainted with the prerequisites of its establishment. Ill-advised installation may cancel the producer’s guarantee.

The hardware required for urinal sensor installation is

  1. a) Slotted screwdriver
  2. b) Adjustable wrench
  3. c) Wire stripper/pleating device
  4. d) #8 Drilled Spanner Head screwdriver for divider box spread plate.
  5. e) Smooth jawed spud wrench

The proper understanding of every aspect of your urinal is a critical requirement in getting the most out of it. From the urinal installation tips to the DIY and straightforward requirements for proper installation, are all the essential information a urinal user should be aware of. Also, most urinal issues need you to call for the service of a professional in which our team of experts is always ready to answer your call for any of your plumbing related issue.

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