Washing machine installation? Professional help and advise (tip!)

General information about washing machine installation

Everyone needs to know about washing machine installation if you want to get one for your home. Here, we will be providing you with a step by step guide on how you can understand and navigate your ways of searching and reading up the specific information or tips you need about your washing machine installation.

Below this content, you will find a table of contents to guide you through the various topics and subtopics we have specially prepared to lighten your path in getting to the right page containing what you need to know about your washing machine installation.

Do you need tips on DIY washing machine installation? What proper washing machine installation entails? Or you want to find out about the various models of washing machine installation, then you can skim through the pages below and select the sub-topic that answers your curiosity.

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Washing machine installation manual

For maximum optimization of your washing machine installation, it is cogent for you to keep a copy of the washing machine installation manual. Using a manual is a perfect way of understanding how the manufacturer has programmed your washing machine. Although, you might have the knowledge of washing machine installation, getting a new one will surely need you or calls for the need of a manual. Reasons to read and work with a washing machine installation manual includes:

  • You will understand the do’s and don’ts while installing your washing machine.
  • You will get to know the precautions you must be ensured while you are:
  1. Installing your washing machine.
  2. Using your washing machine.
  3. And when your washing machine Is not being used
  • Another reason is that they can be used as a guide to any fault issue that is known to occur by the manufacturer at some point in time.

Those are the few out of the many reasons you need a washing machine installation manual for proper installation. With a team of experts that can also provide you with a further guide on installing your machine.

So, if you care about proper installation of your washing machine;

  • Do well to keep a hold of the installation manual.
  • Contact us for any of your plumber services, we are always at your service.
  • And also read some of our DIY tips for washing machine installation.

Washing machine installation requirements

There are some specific washing machine installation requirements if you want to install your washing machine in the ideal and proper way. These requirements are in various categories. Some are in the form of needed tools, and parts you would need for the installation while some are a requirement for the place to put your washing machine and the last element is to be observed electrically.

  1. Tools requirements: they are essential mechanical tools you would need in losing, measuring, supporting, etc. of some of the parts of installing your washing machine. These tools include:
  2. Level
  3. A measuring device like a tape or ruler.
  4. Pliers
  5. Woodblock
  6. Adjustable wrench
  7. You would be needing inlet hoses in case it does not come with your washing machine
  1. Required location: there is no much conditional requirement in the positioning of your washing machine. Just,
  2. Locate your washing machine in a place that would reduce the noise to the minimal.
  3. Places like recessed area, or basement, is advised.
  4. Generally, locate a place that will aid a better performance of your washing machine.

Washing machine installation parts/ accessories

Getting yourself familiar with the necessary washing machine installation parts and accessories is essential to install your washing machine properly. Some of these accessories come along with your washing machine while upon the damage, you would need to purchase another one immediately. Below are the common parts and accessories:

  • Hoses
  • Washing container (could be in the form of a bag)
  • Pumps for draining
  • Trays for detergent
  • Floor trays
  • Lint filters
  • Washer pads
  • Washer frames
  • Clamps

Accessories like hose, clamps, and pumps for training might require you to contact professionals so that they can recommend the proper length and the size in terms of thickness for you. Services like this are also offered by our professionals, and so you can do well to use the contact session to consult us for our recommendations in terms of the parts and accessories to get.

Washing machine installation in the basement

Washing machine installation in the basement does not guarantee it would pump far up as most of these machines are only designed for the few feet tapping in terms of height. Although there has been a kind of remedy where people would run the draining hose to a height that reaches the ground floor, there have been issues of the washing machine cutting out due to the insufficient draining away of water.

Installing your pumping machine in the basement might even pump, but just that it would pump at a very minimal rate.

Another remedy known to tackle this challenge is erecting the washing machine on a high object such that you as the user might have to climb something to get to the lid. It could have worked for the old version of the washing machine, but I am afraid it could fail for the new models of washing machine that is produced lately. The best solution for proper washing machine installation in the basement includes:

  1. Purchasing of a base for raising pumping machine high. Though it might be costly.
  2. You can also buy appliances that are designed for pumping system and then install them in the basement.

Washing machine installation in bathroom

With ample bathroom space, you can have your washing machine installed in the bathroom. In this present day of ours, the bathroom is not meant only for your bathing and some other personal hygiene room, but could serve the purpose of a laundry room at the same time. However, washing machine installation in the bathroom calls for some specific condition of the toilet and also precautions to ensure while installing the washing machine. The steps to take for this installation includes the following:

  • Take the measurement of the size of your bathroom to know if the available space can contain the washing machine.
  • Check and ensure the floor of your bathroom can resist leaking of water.
  • You have to check if the door would be able to open fully once after installing your washing machine.
  • In case you do not have enough space in your bathroom, you can as well remove some stuff to create space.
  • Create some form of an overhead cabinet at the corners of the bathroom for storing some of the laundry stuff.
  • Let your power source be located outside of the bathroom.

Various models of washing machines:

Bosch washing machine installation

Bosch washing machine installation is no difficult task to do. Although, you might save yourself from the stress of installing it yourself if the company offers to fix it for you without any extra charges. But in case there is a fee attached, then you might consider doing this yourself by following the steps below.

  • Step One: if you look at the back of the washing machine, you will find four bolts used for transporting the machine. Lose these bolts and remove them before you continue with the installation.
  • Step Two: there should be a hole left behind after removing those four bolts and some plastic covers should come alongside your washing machine. Put the caps in the hold.
  • Step Three: connect the water hoses for hot and cold water to the faucet in your home. The tubes are located at the back of the washing machine. Ensure there is no leaking of water when you are testing it.
  • Step four: connect the other hose with the washing machine including the drainage hose. There would be clamp for holding the tube firmly with the drainage port.
  • Step Five: Connect the other end of your drainage hose to your wall drain.
  • Step Six: Place your power chord into the power source you have made for the washing machine.

Ensure that your washing machine and the wall are not putting pressure on those hose at the back of the device. It is advisable you have your washing machine shifted away a little bit from the wall.

Zanussi washing machine installation

Zanussi washing machine installation requires some precautions and care even while taking the package out, down to the location of the washing machine to be installed, and also the usage of this machine. This section would be guiding you on step by step instructions on Zanussi washing machine, right from unpacking the product, down to final installation.

  • Carefully remove the device from all the packages and keep those packages for future use.
  • Put the machine down in such a way that it is resting on its back and so that you can remove all polystyrene.
  • Detach all the follow come hose and also remove the rare bolts.
  • For the in-flow of water, connect the inlet hose that is found in the machine drum to the washing machine.
  • The direction for inserting your inlet holes should depend on the water tap to be connected. However, the hose is not meant to be connected downward.
  • For the appliance drainage system, the machine is to be permanently installed into the home drainage system.
  • Connect the draining hose with the standpipe, and you can connect it to the outlet of a sink.
  • Ensure the feet of your machine is leveled on the ground.
  • Avoid too much closeness of the washing machine to the wall to avoid hose damage.
  • You can start using your device once you have done all this.
  • There are hose sizes, bolts, etc. you can easily read up the specification of the hose from the follow come manual guide.

Whirlpool washing machine installation

Whirlpool washing machine installation is quick to do process if you have the right guide by your side. This section would list out the steps involve in whirlpool washing machine installation and also a few things to check out for during and after the installation.

  • Permanently fix the four stands of the machine with the rolling shoes.
  • There is a rat mat to be set beneath the washing machine. Fix the rat mat by unscrewing one of the bolts under and tightening it back once the mat is adequately placed.
  • Erect your machine on the trolley stand.
  • Connect the water outlet hose pipe to the bottom end of the machine towards the right. There is no unique tool for connection, just press the tube in.
  • Locate the hose pipe for water inflow in the machine draw and also a blue washer. Put your pipe at the water inflow port at the back of the washing machine and use the appliance to tighten it. They are plastic materials that can be done with the hand, so there is no need for crude tools like a spanner.
  • For the other end of the inflow pipe, use three screws blue in color provided to tighten your hose to the outlet of the water tap.
  • Connect the main cable to a power source and press the power button.

A few things to check out:

  • Ensure there is no wet socket to avoid current leakage.
  • Make sure the motor is rotating and working correctly. There should be no noise also. In case you observed. Otherwise, you can contact one of our experts in the contact link below.

P-trap washing machine installation

In the cause of hooking up your washing machine, there is a need for a p-trap washing machine installation so that backward movement of sewage gases can be prevented by a p-trap seal. When the p trap is lacking in your washing machine, the section of the device is exposed to sewer fumes.

Before p washing machine installation and when you are about selecting a p trap, always choose a p-trap with clean-out tap below the curve part of the p trap. This feature makes it easy to get rid of clogs that are contained in the p trap and as a result of this, maintaining it would be more comfortable.


  • In the cause of pipe connection, only connect maximum of three pipes to your p trap.
  • While installing your p trap, do install a trap-primer to avoid issues arising whenever your p trap is connected to a utility that you do not use often.

Lg front load washing machine installation

Lg front load washing machine installation only requires a few steps and some sets of precaution to ensure while the plant is ongoing. It is advisable always to use body parts or external accessories that are LG product or recommended by LG. Using an unknown product could jeopardize your LG front load washing machine.

  • Carefully remove the device from the packages and keep the box for future reuse.
  • Rotate the top cover and use it to cover the upper hole by screwing it up with 4 short bolts you would find in the packed box.
  • Ensure the leveling legs are in a backward state before setting them on the pedestal washer.
  • Check if the holes in the pedestal washer are in alignment with those of front load washer and then screw it up with a long bolt.
  • Connect the pipes for water at the back of the machine with the proper appliances.
  • Check the joint between this hose and do not use an old tube in this case.
  • Connect the drain hose also and use the rubber clamp to hold it up at the back of the machine.
  • Check if your washing machine is leveled by placing a level on the device.
  • Your washing machine must be leveled and not too close to the wall.
  • Note that your washing machine should rest on a durable, constructed floor to avoid ground vibration.
  • Your power outlet should not be more than 1.5m or 200inches away from the machine and use a rating that is specified by the manufacturer.

Lg washing machine installation

When it comes to Lg washing machine installation, aside from the installation guide, you need to know the required space needed for the installation of Lg washing machine. Have it at the back of your mind that the manufacturer has specified for a minimum space area of 60″ W x 40.8″ H x 37.3″ D.

Installation requirement

  • Hot and cold water supply.
  • A solid, well-cleaned surface.
  • A drain of a maximum of 5feet distance from the washing machine and a height not more than 96inches.
  • Newly purchased electrical cord. The length of this cord depends on your power outlet.
  • Electrical outlet with manufacturer’s voltage specification.
  • A natural connection of gas line.

How to install?

There is no long process in the installation of your LG washing machine as it only requires proper unboxing and location in a spacious laundry or room. Connect the appropriate external utility to the holes meant to be connected to the back of your washing machine. Follow the electrical power installation guide and test your device. Do this, and you do not need to worry about how to install again as you have already done.

Do it yourself washing machine installation:

Washing machine installation tips

DIY washing machine installation tips are not that hard to understand or to put into action. Irrespective of the model or manufacturer of your washing machine or where you are planning to install your device (e.g., bathroom) there some general tips that are common to the installation of your washing machine. Below are the washing machine tips:

  • Always set your washing machine on a solid concrete that would allow no vibration and thereby making the machine work quietly and relaxed.
  • After you are sure of the location of your washing machine, then you have to run a new plumbing system for your water supply.
  • Label the hot and cold water spot for connection to an external hose on your washing machine. In case your washing machine is a cold water washing machine, then you don’t need this particular step.
  • For your washing machine drain, let your drain pipe be close to your washing such that the follow come hose would be able to cover the distance between them. This is necessary because some manufacturer’s instruction would entail using they are follow come water hose alone.
  • After you have done this and your plumbing line is ready to use, then you can go straight to installation.
  • Attach all necessary valves and connect them to the required inlet space of your washing machine.
  • Clamp all the required joints.
  • Set your washer into use and connect to a power source.

LG washing machine installation request

LG washing machine installation request is made available to all users. There are three steps involved in the Lg washing machine installation request. They include;

  1. Getting product information: the first stage of requesting for Lg washing requires you to get your fact right before the application. From your own side, you must have known the condition of where you want it to be installed, follow the available product services package, and some other related information. With this all done, stage two of the request can begin.
  2. Contact information: after the right information is known, you can continue to contact the proper service request. Remember, we are here for any of your plumbing related issues or consultation service, then you can always contact us via our contact options given.
  1. Preferred date and time: Washing machine installation request is like an appointment that needs a proper schedule of time and date. This is important on your path as you would be the one to receive the service request since the washing machine is to be installed in your home.

LG washing machine installation video

When it comes to Lg washing machine installation, one of the easiest and readily available DIY is washing machine installation video. Seeing is believing and also learning is more natural with videos. With Lg washing machine installation video, you have the direct access to seeing how the whole installation is done with your eyes, and you do not have to imagine it in your head as you always do when reading about it alone. Making use of the video is a better way of learning from someone without the physical presence of the person. All required tools, spaces, conditions, etc. are seen with your own eyes and no other experience can best be compared with what you saw yourself. There are benefits attached to using washing machine installation video as a guide for DIY steps for washing machine installation. They are:

  • You get to see for yourself, what you have been theoretically reading about.
  • You gain a practical idea of what you are to do yourself.
  • You can always gain more flexible knowledge in a video such that you can have a new idea of installing your washing machine in a better way.
  • And also, you hardly forget what you have seen with your eyes.

Washing machine outlet box installation

The washing machine outlet box is significant to cover all water valves and inlet valves for a better appearance of your washing machine. It would not make sense to see a collection of intertwined pipes in a modern and well-furnished laundry room. Installation of  the washing machine outlet box is quite simple to do all alone. Below you will find some useful step by step instruction on DIY washing machine outlet box installation.

  1. Identification and preparation of the area to be used for installation. The first step is to locate on the wall at the rear back of your washing machine to be used for the installation of the outlet box. You can use a crude implement like a pencil to demarcate the surface area to be covered by the outlet box. It is advisable to install your outlet box at the height of 48inches away from the floor to save your outlet box from the flood level casing.
  2. Keep the washing machine safe by ensuring it’s well fitted inside the cavities on the wall.
  3. The next step is the connection of your supply lines. You have to follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the outlet box to protect and keep the hot and cold water valve safe in the outlet box. Depending on your machine model and your kind of plumbing system, there might be a need for new pipe for these connections.
  4. Connect the water inlets and another hose to their respective valves within the outlet box. Arrange them well, as much as you can such that all valves a firm and with high assurance that there cannot be leakage.
  5. The last step is to cover your box. Assuming you have drilled into the wall of your outlet box, then you would have to cut the same shape and size of the outlet box to make the cover. Cover it by using screws to hold firmly and use wall tapes on seams.

LG washing machine drain hose installation

There are two forms of connection with the Lg washing machine drain hose installation, and therefore the installation steps depend on the external link you are connecting your drain hose to. The two includes:

  1. The waste spigot connection.
  2. The standpipe connection.

For the waste spigot connection:

  • Check out the waste spigot if it has been drilled out entirely before connecting it with the drain hose. Failure to do so could cause an error in the installation if the faucet is not drilled out.
  • After connecting your drain hose with your sink S trap or any other waste disposal unit, you have chosen to use, ensure the looping of your tube is towards underneath top of the bench and make sure it is secured.

For the standpipe connection:

  • There is an elbow bracket for standpipe connection, the end of your hose is to be clipped with the elbow bracket.
  • Put the extreme end of the drain hose inside standpipe.
  • Keep the drain hose tight by using a tie strap.


  1. Maintain the maximum height of 96inches for your drain hose above the bottom of the washer.
  2. The elbow bracket should be connected at a distance of not more than 4inches from the drain hose end.
  3. Ensure your drain hose is fixed into the drain line. If it does not, make use of water of a rubber coupling.
  1. Ensure that your drain hose does not kink upon extension.
  2. Ensure that your S trap spigot is free from obstruction and clearly drilled out at the same time.

Washing machine drain pipe installation

Your drain pipe is the next destination for the water coming from the washer through the drain hose. There is a need for you to know the DIY washing machine drain pipe installation steps in case of emergency or leaking or even upon getting a new washing machine. Before we go into the steps involved, below is the list of tools you might need to get this job done.

  • PVC glue
  • Safety glass
  • Hammer
  • Cleaning Rag
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Y-fitting PVC pipe
  • PVC elbow of 90 degrees
  • Utility knife

The step by step guide involve in drain pipe installation

  • Use a measuring tape to measure your Y-fitting and then transfer the measurement to already created drain line.
  • Use your reciprocating saw to cut out the transferred measurement of the drain pipe. Put on your safetyglass for safety reason.
  • Cut out perpendicularly for easy fitting into the Y-fitting and also trim out all sharp edges by using your utility knife.
  • Use your cleaning rag to clean the side where the Y-fitting would be inserted. The hand meant for Y-fitting must be clean and free from water because if it is wet, the y-fitting will not be firm and this could lead to leakage.
  • Stain the edge with PVC glue and put your y-fitting.
  • Join your y-fitting with the 90 degrees elbow and trim off rough edges
  • Join this with your drain hose and connect to the machine
  • Cross check all your work and check if there is any need for adjustment. After doing this, you can start using your machine.

Washing machine trap installation

Washing machine trap is a necessary part of the machine to avoid laundry closet full of sewer smell. There might be a case of missing trap, and you might, in turn, need to install the washing machine trap yourself, the process of the installation is easy and straightforward. It requires no form of technicality.

The upper part of the drain is to remain at its same spot. Then head to the stud and remove the one on the left so that a p-trap can be formed by adding a pipe horizontally. Allow the waist to go inside the sewer by turning the p-trap 180 degrees.

You can also put your drain entirely towards the left along the corner in the wall. Doing this would give you enough space that can allow a pipe which you can turn into a p trap.

Washing machine installation, drain hose

Drain hose is an integral part of the machine that regulates the flow of water. Washing machine drain hose installation is a necessary procedure you need to know just in case of repair or replacement.

  • Get all the required equipment ready. Some of these equipment includes

    New drain hose. Please don’t just use anyhow hose, do well to consult your manufacturer or manual for the correct specification.

    Pliers

    Screwdrivers

    Pencil, and so on.

  • The necessary specification for your washing machine on the user manual.
  • Get your washing machine ready by disconnecting it from the power source and turn of the water supply.
  • Locate the clamps holding the old hose in place and then remove it.
  • Use the same clamp to fix in the new drain hose.
  • Connect your drain hose to your washing machine, turn back the water and check if there is no leak.
  • Once you have confirmed, then you are good to go.


Washing machine tray installation

Washing machine tray installation is an act of preventing leakage of water from the washer to the floor of the laundry room. Following instructions would make the facility a straightforward process. The things you would be needed include:

  • Dolly
  • Washing machine tray
  • A level
  1. The first step in the installation of a washing machine tray is to get your washing machine ready. Your device must be disconnected from the power source and also disconnect every attached hose.
  2. Shift your washing machine from its usual spot after the disconnection to open the laundry floor drain.
  3. The next thing is to install your washing machine tray. Just place your tray directly over the cracked floor drain room.
  4. Once you have done that, move back your washing machine to its spot and gently place it on the newly fixed tray. Place your level, and if it tilts, you have to readjust your dish.

Washing machine timer installation

Washing machine timer is a necessary tool in the laundry task. Washing machine timer installation is a simple process that can save you from extra charges for its installation service. The things you will need to include a new timer, plastic sheet, and a screw driver.

  1. The first step is to turn off the power of your washing machine.
  2. Protect the washing machine from damage by using a thick cloth to cover your machine top.
  3. Get rid of the timer knob by just mere pulling.
  4. Remove the control panel to gain access to the timer inside.
  5. If there is an existing timer, remove it first. Loosen the screws; they have used to hold it firm with control panel.
  1. Put your timer back into its spot and fix well with the control panel. Always go for the recommended timer that has been specified by your manufacturer.
  2. Connect back the harness.
  3. Connect your washing machine to a power source and start using.

Washing machine shut off valve installation

Shut off valve is for preventing the washer from flooding the room. The DIY washing machine shut off valve installation is a simple process, you can achieve in just a few steps that we are going to mention tomorrow.

  • The first step is to locate a spot on the wall that is close to your washer, water lines, and electrical outlet.
  • Mark out the point where you are making the holes for holding the valve.
  • Use a hammer to make a hole through the shield and screw it up with the provided anchoring screw for the shut off valve.
  • The next step is to connect the just prepared unit with the water lines unit.
  • Then attach the O-rings and adaptor that you’ve been provided with to the final unit combination.
  • Grease the O-rings before you connect them (alongside the adaptor) with the valve to avoid leakage.
  • Now you are done with the installation of a washing machine shut off valve.

Washing machine installation waste pipe

There is a need for the installation of a washing machine drain pipe to be installed correctly by connecting the tube to the right water sewer. You might have moved to a new home and need to identify this water, sewer, it is simple to find as it is the pipe that receives the waste from the toilet.

  • Installation of waste pipe requires to make a hole through the wall with a diameter that is big enough for the waste pipe to fit in.
  • The waste pipe can be connected to either the sink water drain or the soil stack but cannot be compared to rainwater drain.
  • You can make the hole through the wall by using a diamond core drill
  • You can go for

    Push-fit waste pipe

    Compression waste pipe

    Solvent weld waste pipe

Washing machine installation taps

Your tap water is an essential component of the machine as it is the leading supplier of water to your washing machine. You can learn the DIY washing machine installation tap in these few steps.

  • Choose a tap you want to connect with your washing machine.
  • Consult your manufacturer or their manual book for the length specified.
  • Remove the water inlet pipe.
  • Lose the water inlet screws.
  • Then insert your water inlet pipe.
  • After doing this, turn back the loose screw and tighten it.
  • Connect the other end of your water inlet pipe to the valve joint for water inlet pipe to your washing machine.
  • Use the nut or clamp to tighten the connection.
  • After doing all these, you can do an overall cross-checking of all the connected joints to make sure they are tight and firm.
  • You can now turn on the tap and check if there is no leakage.
  • You can now start using your washing machine. However, always check the connection from time to time.

Hire a professional plumber for washing machine installation:

Washing machine installation and delivery

As much as you have known some few DIY for your washing machine home installation, there could still need to hire a professional plumber for the installation of your washing machine.

There are exceptional cases that might require the service of a professional. You might have moved into a new house in which you are finding it hard to understand the plumbing system of your new home, you can contact our professional plumber to come to take a look at the installation.

Aside from the home installation, you can also need the help of a professional to guide you through the purchase of washing machine by getting the better model of washing machine that suite your home settings and also get it delivered to your house.

Our team of experts also offers this kind of service. We do install not only a washing machine, but also make home delivery.

Washing machine installation and removal service

Installation of a new washing machine can sometimes require the removal of the old one. Apart from this case, you might need to remove a washing machine because of the house changing, and then you would need the service of a professional plumber to get this done. Hiring a professional plumber does not mean you can’t do the removal or the installation by yourself, but you are trying to relieve yourself from the heavy work.

Imagine the stress attached with moving house tools and appliances, you cannot afford to add the removal of your washing machine to the task on the ground when you can actually give it out to professionals.

  • Hiring our professional plumbers means leaving your washing machine in the safe hands.
  • They will also excellently remove your washing machine without causing damage to the wall.
  • Fast work delivery is also guaranteed.

Washing machine installation cost

The service fee attached to the installation of a washing machine varies from company to company. Some washing machine factory offers washing machine installation by already adding the cost to your overall payment for the washing machine bought while some treat the two differently. However, it is not a must to go for the installation service offered by the manufacturer or seller, you can as well contact a professional plumber whom you’ve trusted to come to do your installation for you. Other factors that determine the installation cost includes:

  • The time spent in the facility.
  • The type and features of the washing machine.
  • Working on the walls, preparing an electrical line, etc. increases the cost of the installation.

Beyond the installation cost, giving out your installation service to a plumbing company that offers quality installation is far more critical than the price. Our plumbing company offers quality service with a reasonable fee attached. You can also contact us.

Washing machine installation service near me

Have you relocated to a new environment entirely and requires the assistance of a washing machine installation near me? The internet has made everything easy to do. There is no need for searching up and down as you can pick up your mobile devices and look at the best washing machine installation service near to your environment.

However, a random selection of any plumber online could come with a little risk because you are going for someone or company that you do not know the quality of their work. You can read more about the company into consideration online.

An alternative to this is to consult your neighbors and ask for a recommendation. They have been living there before you and would be familiar for professionals you can hire.

You can also engage in an online consultation with your selected company.

Washing machine installation time

Since your washing machine has been installed by a professional, it should not take more than one hour.

  • The connection of the hoses
  • Connecting the water supply route
  • Balancing your washing machine
  • And finally connecting it a power outlet

All these should not take more than an hour since it is handled by experts.

In conclusion, this write up will give you first-hand information about anything you need to know about washing machine installation. If you did not find what you are looking for, please do leave a comment below telling us what you want added and we will surely add a new post.

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