Water faucet

We use water faucet the most on daily basis. Water faucet lose grip sometimes due to the compression depends on rubber washers to seal the valve seat. Rubber washers wear out and must be replaced occasionally. Other washer less faucets, last longer but they may also leak. Size of rings is O shaped but it is difficult to match the size of faucet. Using the plumber’s grease we can tighten the new O ring packing nut. We offer good quality work and leakage related issues is less time consuming for our plumbers. Leaks are generally occurred due to loose quality faucets both in kitchen and bathroom. Our plumbers can solve this issue instantly and also allow you to understand the basic techniques of fixing the faucet if not that complicated. We repair the inner part strongly so that it will last longer.

Water faucet

Following are the faucets that our plumbers use:-

1. Compression Faucets
2. Ball-type Faucets
3. Cartridge Faucets
4. Ceramic-Disk Faucets

Leak Repair

If your leak continues, it’s the right time to call in a professional to fix a leaky faucet. If your problem is more than a simple faucet repair, our company’s professionals can diagnose the issue and resolve your problem for long term. While plumber is looking at the fault you need to turn off the water supply.
• Firstly we must determine the cause of leak
• Secondly the replacement of needed part if required
No other service provider is as efficient and organized as ours, along with that we use good quality equipment so that we could fulfil the requirement speedily. Since incorporated in 2005 our company has maintained its goodwill, reliability, fastness, in the market for best plumbing services.
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