Plastic Pipe Advantages

This pipe is ideal for use for amateurs since it is easy to work with and does not require special skills or tools to work with them. It is less expensive than metal pipe. Other advantages that it has over metal pipes are; it is lighter in weight and does not rust or corrode. The pipe has insulative properties which help to prevent condensation from forming on pipes that carry cold water. The same qualities aid in reducing heat loss through pipes that carry hot water. They are used in drain-waste-vent portions of plumbing systems because they carry neither hot nor potable water nor water under pressure greater than that caused by gravity. There are health benefits in using plastic pipes over the metallic pipes.

Working with plastic plumbing pipe

Plastic Pipe Problems

From this pipe, there are quite resistance to oxidation and thereby, no rust.  The connections that are caused by cracking of the plastic fittings that connect one pipe to another. When the pipes are incorrectly installed and the fittings are too tight, this may lead to small cracks that eventually lead to leakage. Water pressure is also an issue when it comes to plastic plumbing pipes.

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