Shower Drain

Showers are important in every house. The shower goes hand in hand with the drain. A clogged shower drain is unsightly and might develop a really unpleasant smell when the problem is not taken care of and goes out of hand. Mainly the clog in a shower drain is formed by hair which forms a spider-web in the pipe and then the soap scum accumulates. Oily non-soap products, aqueous cream, moisturisers and treatments for eczema or dry skin also cause clogs in shower drains. Our amazing repair team specializes in unclogging the shower drain manually or advice on any other product to use.

Liquid plumber shower drain

Liquid Plumber

At times, our licensed plumber might try to unclog the shower drain manually and when the drain is tested the problem is still there. This means that the clog is deep down in the pipes, a place where our professional might not reach. To aid the unclogging process, our plumber will come with the liquid plumber which is a chemical drain opener that is made up of sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide and a surfactant produced by Clorox. The liquid plumber is very safe. It clears the full clogs and makes the water to drain well. Our company has stocked the liquid plumber at an affordable price.

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Our company has ensured that we have branches all over so that our dear customers can access the services we provide and the products that are used in plumbing. The Liquid Plumber is in all the branches and our clients can purchase at a really fair price. You can call us too and we will be able to send one of our professionals to deliver it to you at your doorstep and instruct you on how to use it to unclog.

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