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Why you should accept a low level of services while you can get the top one in Ede? You have to know that you deserve the best and nothing lower than the best. I have doubts that you worry about the cost or busy schedules of the top plumbing companies in Ede; well, you might be right about other companies but not us. Our company is a distinguishing plumbing company with its level of work, its offers, and its capability to handle a large number of tasks in same time, so that you can rest assured about everything when you deal with us.

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If you had plumbing troubles before then you must most know how much headache they can cause. A capricious plumbing problem like a clog will not wait for your party to end or your meal to cook, and would have to be taken care of immediately. For some people these problems might seem simple, they may be like oh, it is just a clog it’s going to break. But these matters are not to be taken casually out wise they become a very big trouble, and a huge hassle to fix. Our team of expert plumbers that have worked in the area of Ede came across some issues where negligence to a small problem like a clog, ended up costing someone a lot of time and money.

You might have some plumbing problem before and some of you might have noticed that the problem such as a clog, sometime become redundant. You had to call a plumbing company again and again to fix the same problem over and over again. This might not be costing you a lot of money at a single visit of the plumber, but if you sum it up it will be a handful amount of cash. Well there is an alternative fix to your problem. Instead of getting a short-lived solution you should try our expert plumbers who have numerous years of experience working in the area of Ede. They are going to provide you with the ultimate fix for your problem that you will not have to hire anyone for unclogging your sinks, drains and pipes again and again.

Fighting Clogs by Yourself

There are few thing you should keep in mind when you trying to break a clog yourself and first of all is that don’t try to do it if you have no idea about what you are going to do. Some of our plumbers in Ede came across some issues where a set of armature hands made the problem more complex. Some of them even ended you blowing up a pipe which not only ended up costing a lot water bill but there was a lot of water wastage and it also spread in the nearby apartments. In most of those case the apartment plumbing was very weak and old and it could not take the pressure of aggressive plunging.

a clogged washing machine drain in ede

A clogged washing machine drain in Ede.

A toilet plunger is one a very handy tool not only in unclogging toilets but it also come in handy in breaking small clogs. If at some point you notice that the outgoing flow of water in the drain is less than normal than a moderate amount of plunging might help breaking the clog in the drain. If there is a clog in the pipe, it usually doesn’t break with a toilet plunger. If at any point you feel like you need help you can just call and one of our plumber will be glad to help you with your problem. Our plumbers have met a lot of clogs in the area of Ede and they have successfully broken them.

There is another type of plunger which has to be used with a lot of care. It is called chemical plunger and it usually composed of some acids that come in handy in melting the gunk away and freeing the pipe for the normal flow of water. Protective clothing and glove must be used while using a chemical plunger because if they come in contact with your skin, they are going to burn your skin away. You should never use a chemical plunger and a toilet plunger together because the acidic splashes will be a really big mess for you to clean up, and if your plumbing pipes are old and weak, they might break causing you a lot more headache.

Another plunger is the snake plunger which requires a bit of knowledge and experience to use. It can come in handy while trying to find a clog that in deep in the pipe by putting its one end in the drain so that its flexible body can move freely until it reaches the clog. The snake is then used retracted and small amount of clogged gunk come out with it. This process is repeated several times until whole of the clog is broken. Our plumbers always have the modern tool kit to fight clogs. If you are not so sure about breaking the clogs by yourself, you can get help of one of our talented plumbers available in Ede, they have the most modern tools to find and break clogs. If you end up breaking a clog by using one of the above mentioned methods or any other one, then you should run plenty of hot water through the pipe so that your pipe gets free of all the gunk and rest of the clog and the flow of outgoing water is back to normal.

Our plumber at Ede can also help you with other plumbing problems apart from unclogging. If you regret moving into a new apartment because of its old and rusty plumbing then let us fix that for you and provide you with a long lasting and the worthwhile solution to your problem.


4 Qualities of a good Plumbing Company

This is the age of information technology and you can find a lot of plumbers in the area of Ede. There are four qualities of a good Plumbing company that you should look for whenever you are trying to find someone to help you with your plumbing problems.

a clogged toilet in ede

First of all a good plumbing company should provide their services round the clock. Plumbing problems cannot be predicted in advance and you have to usually book plumber on the spot in an event of a plumbing failure, so it is absolutely necessary for a good plumbing company to have their services available 24 hours a day. Secondly the plumbers should not take a lot of time to reach the customer’s place. No one likes to have a huge water leak or a big clog in their pipe for a very long time because it stops you from doing a lot of things you do in your normal routine. So the plumbers should reach the customer’s destination in a very short time.

Third is that a good plumber should always have one of the most modern toolkits that are necessary for the plumbing problems along with a good knowledge and experience of how to us it to properly to fix the plumbing issues. For example if a plumber is hired to break a complicated clog and he doesn’t even have a plunger snake or any of the more modern equipment, he might be wasting your time and also compromising your existing plumbing, a good plumber should always have the best tool kit for breaking clogs as clogs are one of the major issue faced by every plumber on daily basis. Last of all is that a good plumber should always provide you with the best, long term and the most cost effective solution for your problem. You should never go for cheap and short term solutions because they might be a temporary fix for you right now but you it can cause much headache in the near future.

What makes us Better than the other’s

Our plumber who provide services in the area of Ede have numerous years of experience in their field and have come across hundreds of plumbing problems, especially unclogging of clogged kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtubs, toilets, drains and pipes. We have carefully designed a toolkit that is provided to each of our plumber in Ede, this toolkit contains one of the most modern tools for every day plumbing problems, especially clogs. So our plumber have exceptional skillset gathered by working numerous year and solving several plumbing problem here at Ede. They also have the best toolkits available and the knowledge of how to use them properly. If you choose our plumbers here at Ede to help you with your plumbing problem. We guarantee you that they will provide you with the best and durable solution based on your problem specifically.

fixing a broken toilet mechanism

We don’t want you to be bothered again and again because of your plumbing issue so we are going to provide you with some solution that is strong and stable. Our plumbing team in Ede is ready 24 / 7 to provide the customers plumbing services. We will be there for you in a very short amount of time and no matter what time day it is we will provide you with a fix that is enduring and lasting in a very short amount time. We value costumer’s time and we want their lives to go back to normal as soon as possible. If you choose our plumbing services here at Ede we assure that you will not have to worry about your plumbing issue for a very long time. Just pick up your phone a give us a call and one of our expert plumber will head to your address right away.

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