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From time to another, a good maintain to our home or office should be done, this kind of work should cover a lot of areas such as plumbing, furniture, and some other stuff. One of the most needed rooms in any home or office is the bathroom because this room is always widely used by all the family members or company employee so that we should give it some special care. Our company has a very special offer to maintain and improve your bathroom and leave it to you like a new one.

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We can provide you with one of the most experienced and skilled plumbers that you can find in Hengelo. We have a lot of different plumbers who are skilled, experienced and certified to provide you with different plumbing services. We have a team of plumbers who carry out plumbing systems installation and a team of plumbers and technicians who inspect and maintain that plumbing that we install. We also have a team of plumbers who carry out different type of drain cleaning services. A clogged drain is a very common problem in Hengelo and we have a whole team of plumbers with a lot of members who are dedicated for this task. Having a lot experience and the modern tools we clear out different types of drains in a short amount of time. We also provide different installation and replacement services for homes and businesses. We have a huge number of satisfied customers and this number is growing rapidly. You can also get our services and a part of our loyal customers group, which we provide special offer and routine checks and maintenance at better prices. Call us to get more information or to book an appointment for your next plumbing endeavor. Our plumbers in Hengelo will not disappoint you.

Unclogging and Drain Cleaning

Our plumbers in Hengelo have been clearing drains and unclogging pipes and sewers for a long time now. We used electric drain cleaning machines like electric plungers for most of our drain cleaning service but now there are a lot of other tools that are much more efficient in clearing out a clogged drain such as and pressurized water jets.

unclogging a washing basin

Our plumbers in Hengelo have access to all types of unclogging tools. Our plumbers in Hengelo provide quality unclogging services with is backed up by a lot of years of experience. We not only clear out your drain but also recommend the products that are very useful when it comes to avoiding clogs and maintaining your plumbing and tips and guidelines to keep your drain water flowing. We are expert in unclogging any type of simple or complex blockages and clogs especially drain, drain pipes and sewer line etc.

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

When your kitchen sink drain runs slower or is completely clogged, it is time to call one of the expert plumbers in your area which in case of Hengelo should be one of our plumbers, if you want to get the best unclogging services. With time grease, detergent, fats and soap build up blockages in the inner wall of you drain and can cause slower water drainage or a water backup.  Our plumbers come with one of the most efficient and modern drain cleaning tools like electric snake or hydro jets. Using these tools they cut through the clog and free your drain of all the blockage and debris. The next time you or your friend have a clog in the kitchen call us right away to get the most experienced plumbers in the area of Hengelo.

Bathroom Drain Cleaning

Form a toilet clogged with too much toilet paper or wet wipes to the bathtub clogged with soap, hair, oil, salts and debris we offer a wide range of solutions for the blockages in your bathroom. There are a lot of different plumbing fixtures in your bathroom and each one of them could get clogged over time without any understandable reason. Unclogging bathroom is a bit challenging than unclogging the kitchen and our plumbers in Hengelo are happy to take this challenge. Our plumbers comes with a lot of tools to clear out any type of clogs in your bathroom.

Floor and Basement Drain Cleaning

You can commonly find the floor drains in your laundry room, basement, store room, patios and kitchens etc. Most of these drains have an underground trap that stops the sewer gases from reentering your home. Dirt and debris can clog these drains overtime and can cause water backups in different parts of your home. If is best to call our professional plumbers who are always available in Hengelo before water starts damaging your property. Our plumbers come with a lot of unclogging tools for fast and efficient clearing of these types of drains.

Other Drain Cleaning

There can also be some other type of drains such as the drain in your rain water drainage system like hopper and downspouts etc. These downspouts are usually connected through pipes to the city rain and storm sewers and when they get clogged with leaves, debris and twigs, they cause water backups and all sort of problem in your home such are wet basement, corroding walls etc. If you come across such a scenario call our plumbers in Hengelo who can help you restore your rain water drainage system by clearing out the rainwater gutters, hoppers, downspout and the connecting pipes by using one of the most efficient and modern unclogging tools.

Replacement and Installation Services

Not all of the plumbing companies in Hengelo provide installation and replacement services as you have to get your plumbers validated and certified for that purpose. We have provided a lot of residential and commercial clients in Hengelo with over the top plumbing system installation and replacement services. An average installation service can be very costly for your business if it ends ups stop working at a crucial time. We don’t let that happen to any of our customers as we provide you with one of the best plumbing installation and replacement services.

toilet installation in hengelo

Some of the major installations that our plumbers do throughout the area of Hengelo are installing or replacing all the pipes of your plumbing system, all the plumbing fixtures of kitchen and bathroom plumbing, sump pumps  to avoid basement leakages, garbage disposal units for your kitchen sink, water supply line installation and replacement and much more.

The above mentioned services are a very little part of our area of expertise as we can provide you with certified installation and replacement for a lot more plumbing systems. You can get in touch with us if you require any type of plumbing installation or replacement.

Other Services

Apart from unclogging, installation and replacement services we also provide maintenance and repair services. We provide free maintenance and repair services for the plumbing components we installed as our work is back by a full guarantee and a full warranty. We provide our customers with routine checks to make sure everything is working perfectly.

Even if you want get your plumbing maintained and repaired for the plumbing we have not installed, you can get our services on timely basis. If you have a weak and old plumbing system that runs into problems over and over again, our plumbers in Hengelo can repair and maintain your plumbing so that you can wave good bye to these kinds of problem.

Sometimes even the new plumbing installed can run into problems over and over again, this usually happens if the plumbing pipes and equipment installed are not up to the plumbing standards and codes. You can call our certified plumbers who can inspect your plumbing for these kinds of issues. They will also give you one of the most effective and reliable fixes for these kinds of troubles. Get in touch with us to know more about our maintenance and repair services so that our plumbers in Hengelo can make your plumbing work to its full potential.

Why Choose Our Plumbing Services?

Our plumbing company has been providing it services in the area of Hengelo for about 10 to 12 years. Our company itself is licensed, bonded and ensured and every single one of our plumber in Hengelo carries a full plumbing license. The average experience of our plumbers is anywhere from 5 to 10 years and this is one of the reason people trust us to give them a quality work at a competitive price because they can trust us and our technicians. All of our work is backed by a full guarantee and a full warranty in case of installation of different residential and commercial plumbing systems. We even offer 24/7 emergency services at no additional charge including weekend and holidays. We stand behind our work and we are always there for our customers.

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Our company offers a complete line of plumbing services from water line installations to sewer line installations, bathtub, remodels, water heaters, faucets etc. But what we really specialize in though is clearing out drain and unclogging drain, drain pipes and sewer lines. We have thousands of satisfied customers over the years. We offer sewer line inspection of your sewer line after sewer line installation, replacement and cleaning. We have one of the modern equipment like trenchless water line repair. This preserves our customers’ yard, landscaping, sidewalks, driveways etc. Because of our time in the Hengelo area and because of the experience level of our plumbers, people really trust us to handle their plumbing problems big or small. We have a legacy of satisfied customers throughout the area of Hengelo and hundreds of repeat customers. We are the guys to call for prompt and courteous services at competitive prices. Call us to get our expert plumbers for any type of plumbing problem at your home or office building. Book and appointment or get our emergency services to get the best plumbing services in the area.

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