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Have you ever called a plumbing company in Nijmegen for an urgent issue that and heard such sentence “we are not a hospital to call us that late!” ? It might happened with you, or maybe the response was not that bad, yet they reached to your house after long hours. In both situation, you will be upset for sure and you have full right to be not satisfied. Our company would like to avoid you all these bad situations by providing you top level of services even in late hours or weekends!

Plumber Nijmegen

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We are one of the renowned company in and around Nijmegen city. Generally, Nijmegen is located slightly a board near Germany but within Netherlands. Nijmegen is a city suitably an area of attract for tourist because of the well-structured building, sites to visit and many other interesting factors. Ideally, due to this many aspect is why we decide to establish ourselves here as a plumbing company. We established ourselves objectively to help citizens and people around us with plumbing, unclogging as well as other related services like electricity. Our core is set around customer’s satisfaction, offering quality products and services plus and exceptional customer relations. We started as a small business operating in Nijmegen, Netherlands but now we have extended through the outcast of Netherlands and beyond.

unclogging a drain in nijmegen

We are passionate and up to the task, so whenever you come to Nijmegen and ask for help in regards to plumber work based on unclogging and plumbing services, you will clearly be directed to us. Our actions speak louder that is where we are leading unclogging and plumbing providers within Nijmegen and its environs. Actually, our company revolves around replacements, maintenances, repairs, inspections, unclogging, and many other plumber related works. Whether you are looking for quick fixing, a master plumbers or any other diagnosis regarding your unclogging and plumbing matter we are the best servant to help you out and give you the desirable needs. In short, we are a company that is most ranked in Netherlands that drives itself from trustworthiness, commitment and most experienced professional you can look for and always get satisfied. Reach us today and you will never fall short of the best plumbing and unclogging services in Netherlands.  “United We Are Committed”

Essentials services are offered

Unclogging services

This task always is consider important with our trained, skilled, and professional plumbers when they are assigned. Ideally, clogged toilets, showers, sinks and any piping systems can bring embarrassment and as such, plumbers have to be called in for the services. We as a company are suitably situated in and around Nijmegen, Netherlands where we can offer such like services and products. Clogs in sinks may arise because of foodie materials stuck in the valves, hair and other foreign materials preventing the flow of water. Showers on the other hand may clog due to low pressure in the systems, broken pipes and things like rust preventing water from flowing freely. Last but not least, toilet are clogged because of lower pressure in the holding flush, use of too much tissues making it clog and maybe stones as well as hand soap falling and resulting to blockages. We are pleased with helping our customers and to that feel free to come to us anytime you encounter similar or related problems.

Some other services include repairs, replacements, installations, refurbishing and inspections. Call us for this above services and we will reach you in time to deliver your desired needs. We ensure that every services delivered to you is done with the most qualified and professional services provider who lack faults and would never complain of any work whether simple or complex. We are committed to you and thus we can never fail you. Our aim is always set to make you succeed and have perfect solution thereby achieving both your and our goals and objective. Come one, come all and experienced the best unclogging services immediately.

Drainage services

Nijmegen has numerous water systems that need proper drainage channels to make the city environmental safe and healthy to live. As such, we are company that offer services that help the city in areas like, design, installations of sewers, embankments and many other drainage services that make the city clean and beautiful for the citizen to stay. Our trustworthiness and ethical values in servicing our customers as well as delivering products has help has achieve customer trust and make the returning plus rate us positively. No drainage services are underestimate but all of us take matters seriously and work towards offering the best services. Respecting our customer in offering them the services never neglecting any issues asked or laid to us. We believe that when they are happy and pleased, then some happens to us and that brings about to our success. Anytime you are faced with small or big matter regarding drainage in and around Nijmegen never fail to call us. Receive the best services at Nijmegen without regrets and professionally.

Plumbing services

We provide customer around Nijmegen with a range of plumbing services that are quite extraordinary. In addition to this, we offer clients perfect plumbing services that are well backed up with receipt together with warrant regarding to the job done. Our company is always available 24/7, that is well equipped and fully stocked with the most professional work force and technology to serve you. Plumbing issues should not spoil your day and as such call or visit us anytime and we will be glad to handle you case ethically.

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We plumbing problem may be horror to you and as to that, we take our works seriously thereby making everything work out for you thus our company having that best reputation. We are licensed and certified to partake any duty related to plumbing services. We dwell in residential, industrial and commercial services concerned in plumbing services. Call now and will be there in shortest time possible to handle your issues and give you long lasting solutions. We offer quality and standardized services therefore people recognize us for what concern plumbing and we never fail or disappoint them. Any emergency services regarding plumbing that disturbs you, we also avail ourselves whenever you want us anytime.

Electric services

This is one of our additional services you may find us offering customer in some of the areas we are located. Ideally, when you request for electric services, we will appreciate in that, we will send expert electricians who are qualified and have undergone all train and certification approvals. We never delay regard sending workforce to you; rather we dedicate ourselves to you and ensure customers are first priority in achieving our goals and objectives.  Some of the lighting services at our company include lighting where it is our task to ensure every housing and homes we attend to is well lit from rooms, entrances interior and exteriors area. Another, service regards upgrade in that we ensure all the switchboards, bulbs, alarms systems are well up to date with the latest innovations of electric lifestyle. Moreover, with our company, expect us to all arrive for any emergency services you may desire done and tackles either late hours of the night or daytime regardless, we are always ready and available to help you. Electricity matter should not be a thing to disturb you, we us a plumbing company located near you, we are comfortable help you solve your problems immediately. Call us for these services and more others and you will never regret your decision. We are the best company to reach in times of electric issues.


Pricing is important matter customers always consider while visiting any service and product providers. At our company in Nijmegen, we usually assess the situation that is, the problem matter before we give you the say regarding price or charges after which we start our work. The notion behind this is to try to avoid complications such as low prices before starting the job then later when the job is at the middle we charge high or more. We respect customers and therefore this assessment protects them fully.

The reason why we are the far the best company in Nijmegen is because we always set the perfect and fair prices to our customers. From our company, we assure you of getting the best and as such whenever you receive any services from us, we will offer you our work receipt and any task done for you. The receipt bears company name, address, our contacts as well as the warranty period. Any issue that arise from our services be assured we will be there and not vanish like cons, understand we are not one-man show where we would disappear after the task. We are trustworthy company in Nijmegen.

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Company suitably located in Nijmegen and serves both the locals and areas surrounding. When you are pressed with plumbing problems and you have nowhere to seek help, kindly reach us through call or you can as well visit our offices. We serve customers happily and always ensure what they pay for are all achieved and done perfectly with its completion. Additionally, we are a company that seeks customers satisfaction and therefore through contacting us, you will not be charged any fee and no fee on quotations thus you are welcomed anytime to contact us. Remember, “United We Are Committed”

Call: 06-28791793