Sink clogged? The cause and the solution! (tip)

Sink Clogged: what to do?

Sink clogged is one of the many common plumbing issues faced by a lot of people every day. There are different type of clogs and different reason behind them. Clogs can be avoided with maintenance and care but sometime they are inevitable. Our plumbers provide affordable solutions for all type of plumbing problems especially sink clogs.

the sink is clogged

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1. Types of Sinks

There are a number of different types of sinks and people chooses them based on the place they are installing, size, convenience and taste. Every home has at least a couple of sinks usually in the kitchen and the bathroom. A sink is also one of the most used plumbing fixture. The most common problem that a sink can run into is a clog. A clog can be at various locations in a sink. It can either be in the water supply line or the water drainage pipe. Depending on the type and location of the clog it can be a very easy or a very difficult task. Our plumbers have number of years of experience dealing with different types issues with a sink’s plumbing. They can fix any problem with any type of sink. Our expert uncloggers come with the best tools to assist you with the problem you are not comfortable solving on your own.

1.1. Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink is one of the most used plumbing fixture in a home. Being the most used it is more prone to issues like clogs. Using the fixture with care and maintaining it is very important in avoiding all kinds of issues. There are different types of kitchen sink and people choose which are more convenient for them. A number of factors determine the type of a kitchen sink and here are a few of them

  • Top mount or under mount
  • Number of bowls
  • Number of faucets
  • Type of the material
  • The sink has a drain board or not

Our plumbers are the expert uncloggers of all types of kitchen sinks.

1.1.1. Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

A single bowl or a single basin kitchen sink is one of the simplest kitchen sink which usually have one faucet. A single basin mean that there is only one drain which has to be used with care. Dumping stuff carelessly into a single bowl sink is very dangerous because if the only drain gets clogged there is no way to use the sink and if the water backs up and there is standing water in the sink bowl it can be causing a health hazard. We provide emergency unclogging services and if you are stuck with a complex clog at an odd time of the day, we will be there to help you right away.

1.1.2. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Double bowl sink is the one where there are two compartments(basins) and each one of them have their own drain. The drain can be similar or different. Usually the both basins share the same drain pipe and in some cases even the same p-trap(siphon). If the drain of one of the bowl is clogged, the sink is usable but it is very important to get the clogged removed as soon as possible because it is only a matter of time for the clog to make its way into the pipe and clog the whole sink. Our plumbers can unclog your two sided sink efficiently and also will give you guidelines and tips on how to avoid any type of issues with the sink plumbing.

1.1.3. Triple Bowl Kitchen Sink

Although three compartment sinks are not very common because they usually exceed the requirement of a typical home. There are some people who like a large and convenient cooking place and they go for a three bowl kitchen sink. All of the bowls have their own drain and they usually connect to the same drain pipe. Our plumbers can fix any type of problem with a three compartment sink.

1.1.4. Commercial Kitchen Sink

Commercial kitchen is a place where food is prepared for a huge number of people. Commercial kitchen sink is one of the integral part of every kitchen. It is usually similar to a common kitchen sink but it varies in size, water pressure, drain speed and efficiency. There are a lot of people who are dependent on a commercial kitchen sink to work properly. Our professional plumbers have deep understanding of and experience working with a number of different problem that occur to a commercial plumbing system, whether it is the water supply system or the water drainage system especially of the commercial kitchen sinks.

1.2. Bathroom Sink (Wash Basin)

A wash basin is usually found in the bathroom which is also known as bathroom sink. It is usually used to wash hand. Nothing complex goes down the drain of a bathroom room sink except for soap and water but it can also get clogged over time because of various reasons.

2. Parts of a Sink

There are a number of different parts of a kitchen sink and each one has its own purpose. All of the parts of the kitchen sink are needed to be used with care and maintained properly in order to avoid any types of issues with the water supply line or the water drainage line.

2.1. Hot Water Supply Line

Hot water supply line is the pipe that connects the sink to the hot water supply so that it can be used in the sink. Hot water might be coming from the communal hot water or a water heating source at home. Over time the hot water supply line might get clogged due to sediment deposits or any other problem with the water supply piping. Slower water pressure is a common indication of a clog in the water supply line.

2.2. Cold Water Supply Line

Similar to hot water supply line, the cold water supply line is the plumbing pipe that provides cold water to the plumbing fixture(sink). This pipe can become the victim of sediment deposits and it could result in slower water pressure. Slower water pressure is also dangerous for the water drainage plumbing as slow draining drains are not able to flush away all the grease, food debris and other things that are the major causes of drain clogs. Our plumbers can fix any type of issues with the water supply lines whether the old pipes are causing slower water pressure or a clog is hindering the proper flow of supply water.

2.3. Faucet

Sink faucet is a plumbing devices attached to a water supply pipe which is responsible for controlling the flow of water into the sink. The faucet can develop a lot of problem over time. Salts and sediments clogs, cracks, loose and leaky faucets are very common example of a faulty faucet. Whether you want a new sink faucet or you want your old faucet to be repaired, our plumbers can all kinds of issues with any type of sink tap or faucet.

2.4. Aerator

A faucet aerator is a small device that is usually screwed into the faucet head and it serves a lot of purposes.

  • It prevents splashing in the sink
  • It shapes the water stream that comes out of the faucet head as a spout, so the stream of water is evenly pressured and falls straight on the desired object.
  • It mechanically adds pressure to the water which is very useful in washing utensils and other things while conserving water and energy at the same time.
  • The spout that comes out of the faucet aerator produces less noise
  • It is very good for the places where the water pressure is low
  • It also acts as a filter

The aerator itself acts as a filter to catch any debris in the water supply line, it can develop blockages and end up providing a slower water pressure to the sink bowl. The aerator is needed to be cleaned in such a case or sometime even replaced with a new one. Our plumbers can take care of this issue and restore the spout that comes out of your sink faucet.

2.5. Sink Bowl

Sink bowl is the main part which is usually referred to as the sink. It is a big bowl which catches all the water and direct it towards the sink drain. There are a number of different types and sizes of a sink bowl.

2.6. Drain hole

The exact spot where the water drainage plumbing for a sink starts is the drain hole of the sink. It is a hole in the bottom of the sink bowl which connects to the drain of the sink. There can be a number of different parts of a sink drain depending on the type of sink and the water drainage plumbing. Drain hole is the part that provides access to the sink drain. Stuff dumped carelessly into the sink drain hole is one of the major cause of sink clogs. In case of a blockage, the first place to look for a clog is the sink drain hole.

2.7. Hair Stopper

One of the most common reason of the clog is hair making their way into the drain and eventually the drain pipe. Hair do not decompose in water and when they combine with grease in the drain pipe they could form a ball which blocks the water drainage. Hair stoppers are very common in bathroom sinks (wash basins) they prevent the hair from making their way into the drain. Our plumbers can help you fix the hair stopper, install a new hair stopper for you sink and also unclog any type of clog in your sink drain, whether the clogs is caused by hair or another material.

2.8. Strainer

One of the very common part of the modern kitchen sink is the strainer. While cutting and washing vegetable, fruits, meat etc., there can be a lot of debris in the sink bowl. The strainer stops most kinds of debris from making their way into the sink drain. It fits on the drain hole of the sink and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Our plumbers can clean, repair or replace any type of strainer so that there are a lot less chances of a sink drain clogs. A damaged or broken strainer can be very dangerous because it might be allowing debris to make their way into the drain and leave you with a complex clog.

2.9. Gasket

A gasket is a small device which makes a seal or a barrier so that to pieces can fit perfectly together. Depending on the type of the water drainage plumbing there can be a number of different gaskets.

  1. Friction gasket: Normally used in between the strainer flange and the Strainer nut to provide a high amount of friction between both of these moving surfaces.
  2. Rubber gasket: It is used where two parts are tied together to make the coupling vacuum, air or water sealed.

When you open your kitchen drain to find a clog or any other purpose, it is important not to lose any of the nuts and gaskets otherwise it would leave you with leaky and dripping water drainage line. Our plumbers always have a lot of spare sink parts in case there is a need of perfectly fitting the water drainage plumbing.

2.10. Pop-up Drain

Pop-up drain is usually the part of a wash basin. When pushed down, it will not allow the water to drain and water sits in the drain and can be used based on the need. When popped up the water will drain, freeing the sink bowl of all the water. Our plumbers can also help you with fixing any type of pop-up drain clog.

2.11. Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal unit is an electrical device connected in between the drain and the trap of a sink. This unit shred the food and other type of waste into very small pieces so that it can easily pass through small plumbing without forming any type of blockage in the pipes. It also helps in the decomposing of the waste faster and easier. The garbage disposal can develop problems like clogs and blockages and are needed to be cleared for the unit to work properly. Our plumbers have numbers of years of experience dealing with all kinds of garbage disposal unit issues. They can fix any type of clog or other problem you are having with the unit.

2.12. Dishwasher Supply Line

Dishwasher supply line is the pipe that supplies water to the dishwasher. Dishwasher is a very common part of the modern kitchen and it usually shares the water supply line with the kitchen sink. Dishwasher water supply line can also develop issues like clogs and blockage because of rust, foreign object or sediment deposit. Our plumbers can help you with all kind of issues with your sink water supply line.

2.13. Dishwasher Drain Hose

Dishwasher drain hose usually connects to the kitchen sink drain. If you are not careful and drop small objects into the dishwasher while putting dishes in it, the debris and objects can make their way into the dishwasher filter or the hose and clog them. Our plumbers have deep knowledge and understanding of different types of dishwashers and can fix any type of clog or other problem with the drainage system of the washer.

2.14. Trap

Trap is a curved pipe which usually is the final part of a sink drain and also is the most important one. It serves many purposes

  1. It stops sewer gases from reentering the building because there is a seal of water in the curved pipe.
  2. It catches accidently dropped objects in the sink drain and also stops the debris from making their way into the drain pipe and forming a complex clog.

Whenever a sink gets clogged, the blockage is usually found in the trap. The trap needs to be cleared again and again over time to keep the drainage of the sink to the maximum. However it might not be the cleanest task. It good to have a bucket and towel to deal with the water in the drain pipes and trap while trying to unclog or clear the sink trap.

2.15. Drain Pipe

The pipe that collects all the drain water of the sink and delivers it to the stack pipe or the building sewer is called the drain pipe of the sink. Sometime due the careless use of the sink this pipe gets clogged and has to be cleared either through the sink drain or the nearest cleanout. If you have a clogged sink problem and have no idea of the reason and location of the clog, our plumbers fix this problem for you in a short amount of time while carefully unclogging the sink and not causing any harm to the sink’s plumbing.

2.16. Other Parts

There can also be a number of other parts of a sink depending on the type and purpose of the sink. These parts may include

  • Escutcheon
  • Counter top
  • Shutoff valve
  • Spray Head
  • and many more

We have highly trained and experienced plumbers who can fix any type of issues with any type of sink. Sink is composed up of a lot of parts and our plumbers have deep understanding of every single part and its purpose. We assure you that if you get our services, we can restore your sink whether it’s the kitchen sink or the bathroom washbasin to its functional state in no time while giving you a reliable and lasting solution to your problem.

3. Common Reason of a Clogged Sink

Sinks are one of the most used plumbing fixtures in a home. A number of people use this fixture and some are more careful than others. Some people don’t even think about the things they are dumping in the sink and end up with a sink clog. There can be a lot of reasons behind a clogged sink whether it’s a kitchen sink or a wash basin.

3.1. Reasons of a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Having a clogged sink in the kitchen while trying to make food for a number of family members can be very frustrating. It is important to understand what are the most common reasons of a clogged sink and determine the exact reason behind the clog. It is also important to know the exact reason and location of the clog before attempting to unclog your kitchen sink. It also helps your plumber in understanding the nature of the clog and using the best tools to break the clog as soon as possible. Our plumbers are well experienced and they are able understand the nature of the clog in your kitchen sink just by asking you a few questions. Here are some of the very common reasons of a clogged kitchen sink

3.1.1. Food

Food pieces and debris when get stuck in the drain cause a blockage. Food is one of the most common reason of a clogged kitchen sink drain. Before cleaning when dishes are kept in the sink bowl, smaller and larger pieces of food can drop out of the plate and make their way into the drain, stick to the walls of any part of the drain and clog it. Sometime people often dump somethings down the drain and don’t think of the problems it can cause. These things usually collects in the trap or the pipe rather than flushing out of the plumbing system. For example

  • Rice and Noodles: These expand when get in contact with water usually get stuck in drain pipes. Rice and noodles whether cooked or raw, are needed to be run through a disposal unit approved for these substances or dumped in the regular garbage.
  • Vegetable and Fruit, Pieces and Peels: Peels of fibrous vegetables and fruits like potatoes etc. can cause the drain line to clog sometimes these can even overwhelm the disposal unit. These are better off disposed in the regular garbage.
  • Coffee Grounds: These seem be easily flushed and dumped in the kitchen sink but as they are not soluble in water, these can pile up and cause a huge clog
  • Flour: Flour in the drain when mixes with water form a sticky paste and acts a glue for other food debris to form a complex and huge clog.
  • Egg Shells: These are also not soluble in water and sink’s drain can easily get clogged with egg shells.
  • Oil and Grease: Thick oily liquids have hard time leaving the sink drain and drain pipes, they usually need a lot of pressure and hot water. A sink can easily get clogged when these thick liquids combine with other food debris.
  • Seeds and Bones: These are very tough to decompose and usually get stuck in the drain or the drain pipes

No matter what is the reason behind the blockage in your kitchen sink, whether your sink has been clogged because of potato peels or noodles, our plumber will efficiently break the clog and restore your kitchen sink to it functional state.

3.1.2 Grease

When the grease and fat is in liquid state in the warm food, it can easily be dumped down the kitchen sink drain, when it cools downs, it solidifies and also catches debris and other food pieces it might not be clogging the kitchen sink drain but at some point in the drainage plumbing system it will be the culprit behind a massive clog. Direct dumping of greasy and fatty substances into the kitchen drain can be very dangerous, it can cause a massive clog. Our plumbers use pressurized water jets to melt of the grease that is stuck in your kitchen sink drain or the drain pipes and free your drainage plumbing of it.

3.1.3. Foreign Objects

Sometimes some small metal or plastic pieces accidently drop into the kitchen sink drain and cause either slow drainage or a complete clog. These object usually are found in the trap of the kitchen sink drain. If you are not comfortable clearing out the trap of your kitchen by yourself, our plumbers can help fix this issues in a very short amount of time. These foreign objects can include.

  • Kids’ toys
  • Jewelry
  • Broken Pieces of utensils
  • Very small kitchen tools

3.2. Reasons of a Clogged Wash Basin

Clogs can be frustrating to deal with but there is always a reason behind it. Sometime you only need to figure out what is causing the clog and try to avoid it. There are a number of thing that go down the kitchen sink drain and it’s easier to figure out the reason behind the clog but in case of the bathroom sink, it is just soap and water that flushes down. Here are a few reasons why the Bathroom sink clogs.

3.2.1. Hair

One of the most common reason of a clogged wash basin is hair that makes its way down the sink drain. Hair do not decompose and in water it clumps up. Wet hair clumps up with more wet hair until there is a ball of hair in your drain which is hindering the flow of water toward the sewer. All type of hair assist in clogging the drain whether they are head hair, facial hair or the pet fur hair.

Hair stoppers and filters are the most convenient way of avoiding the blockages caused by hair. Our plumbers are not only the best uncloggers but they can also install, repair or replace the hair filter on your bathroom sink to avoid clogs caused by hair.

3.2.2. Soap Scum

Soap scum happens when the soap chemicals react with chemicals, minerals and salts present in the water. It forms a thick filmy substance that sticks to the sides of the drain and the drain pipe. When this stuff combines with other debris, foreign object and hair, it forms a blockage. Our professional plumbers can help you with this type of clogs as it is not very easy to get rid of a soap scum clog using the DIY methods, it needs professional tools and some experience to get your away around a soap scum clog.

3.2.3. Clogged Bathroom Trap

If the bathroom trap has not been cleared for a very long time there are chances that it has accumulated debris, hair or accidently dropped foreign objects. Cleaning the trap is not an easy task as certain tools are needed to open the nuts and the water in the trap is needed to be taken care of. Our plumbers can professional clean and clear out the trap of your bathroom sink and make it just as good as new.

3.2.4. Very Old and Damaged Plumbing Pipes

When the plumbing get old, rust, dents, rust etc. can be cause of the hindrance in the flow of the drain water. Exactly figuring out what is causing the problem, replacing or repairing the defective part is very important. Our plumbers use inline camera to figure out the real reason of slow drainage or the clog and provide you with a reliable and lasting fix

4. How to Avoid Clogged Sinks

Sometime some of the problems with the plumbing system are inevitable but usually care and maintenance of the plumbing and pipes. There are different tips and tricks for the bathroom sink and kitchen sink.

4.1. Tips and Tricks for Wash Basin

Here are a few thing you can do to avoid a clogged bathroom sink.

  • Water Softener: Clogs that happen because of soap scum can easily be avoided by investing in a water softener.
  • Hair Stopper: As hair in the drain and drain pipe is the most common reason of the bathroom sink clogs, Getting a hair stopper installed on your bathroom sink can help you avoid clogs that happen because of hair.
  • Repair of Damaged Parts: Damaged part of the plumbing is a constant threat that is needed to be repaired or replaced.
  • Drain Pipe and Trap Maintenance: There are a number of things that could be done to maintain the bathroom sink plumbing. Dumping a hot bucket of water, cleaning trap, cleaning hair stopper and pop up drain etc. Following a maintenance schedule or getting the sink plumbing maintained can help you avoid major clogs.

4.2. Tips and Tricks for Kitchen Sink

Some of the guidelines on how to avoid a kitchen sink clog.

  • Strainer: While cutting vegetable, fruit, meat etc., the strainer will be able to catch most of the small pieces and debris from making their way into the drain.
  • Garbage Disposal: If you are in the habit of dumping food down the kitchen sink drain, investing in a disposal unit can help you avoid clogs. Disposal unit shreds waster food and other approved garbage so that it can move easily in the drainage plumbing.
  • Oily and Greasy Substance: Oily and greasy substance should never be dumped in the sink drain at all costs. These will get stuck to the sink drain or the drain pipe and assist in making a clog.
  • Maintenance: All the part of the sink for example bowl, drain, strainer, trap etc. needs constant maintenance. A fault in any one of the parts of the kitchen sink can become the cause of a complex clog.
  • Care: A lot of care needs to be taken while using the kitchen sink. Always make sure that the strainer is at its place, water supply pressure is good, hot water is running etc.

Our plumbers are always keen on helping people not only understanding how a sink plumbing system works but always providing them guidelines on how to avoid different types of clogs.

5. DIY Sink Unclogging Methods

A clogged sink is one of the very common plumbing issues and there is a number of DIY sink unclogging methods used by people who face a clogged sink. No matter what type of sink you have and what method you are trying, it is important you know the nature and the location of the clog prior to the attempt of breaking it. Trying to unclog with limited information about the clog can be a lot of work. Here are some of the very common DIY methods of unclogging sinks. If you do not have any idea of the plumbing system of your sink, our plumbers will be able to help you. We offer affordable solutions for all kinds of plumbing issues.

5.1 Plunging

This methods puts a lot of pressure on the head of the clog to push it away from the pipe. One of very common unclogging method which require just a couple of tools.

  1. A regular household plunger
  2. A cloth

If you have a double sink or there is another drain opening nearby, it has to be tightly sealed in order to create maximum amount of pressure on the head of the clog. If you are successful in unclogging your sink drain using this method, make sure to run a lot of hot water so that the remaining’s of the clogs are washed away. If you are not successful in unclogging, you can always try another DIY unclogging method or you can always call our professional plumbers to help you with any kind of plumbing issues at any time.

5.2. Snaking

This tool is used to break the clogs that are further down the drain pipe like clogs in the pipe behind the wall or clog in the underground pipe. You need to reach the clog from the nearest opening, a clean out or you have to disassemble the sink drain to create an opening for the snake.    You will have to insert the snake in the opening till it reaches the clogs (you will feel resistance) and the by rotating the handle a couple of time it might be able to break the clog. Our plumbers have professional tools like electric snake plungers and pressurized water jets in order to break the clog efficiently and quickly.

5.3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

The method would work the best if there is no standing water in the sink. This is a simple methods and only require a cup of baking soda and the same amount of white or apple cider vinegar. You have to put these one by one into the sink drain opening. When these two mix it causes a lot of bubbles and when then start to react cover the drain opening and wait for 15 minutes. After that run hot water into the sink drain for some time to check if the clog has cleared.

5.4. Baking Soda and Salt

Salt and baking soda when combined in presence of water can melt away a lot of different type of clogs but this mixture is needed to be left in the drain pipe for several hours. It is better to use this method before going out or going for work. Mixing about half a cup of salt and a cup of baking soda and pouring it down the drain will do the trick. Our plumbers come with modern tool and they use efficient techniques to unclog your sink drains. So if you are in a hurry to unclog your kitchen or bathroom sink, call us right away to send you one of the best unclogger in town.

5.5. Wet and Dry Vacuum

Although plunger is a good tool to unclog drain by putting a lot of pressure on the clog but if you have wet and dry vacuum it is very excellent tool that can also be used for unclogging drains. You will have to cover up the vent in order to avoid a big mess, set the vacuum on liquid mode and use something along with the vacuum head to make the tightest seal possible. Turn the vacuum on the highest setting and run it. Our plumbers use pressurized water jets for unclogging drain which produce a lot of pressure and do not create any mess. You can trust our plumbers to provide you with reliable unclogging services.

5.6. Boiling water(Hot Water Bucket)

The easiest, simplest and least expensive way of unclogging your kitchen sink drain is by dumping a hot water bucket directly into the kitchen sink drain. Hot or boiling water helps in melting away the grease and also the pressure of water will push the clog away from the drain pipe. Another simplest method is to boil about a liter of water in the kettle and add salt to it and flush this water down the kitchen sink drain. If you are successful in unclogging your sink drain using this method run a lot of hot water down the sink drain to free your drain and drain pipe of the clog completely.

5.7. Dish Detergent

Dish detergent contain compounds that melts away the grease. Adding dish detergent to boiling water and pouring it down the drain reacts with clogs caused by a lot of grease and melts it away. If this methods doesn’t work you can adding plumbing on top to add extra pressure on the clog.

5.8. Cleaning the Pipe and Trap

Most of the clogs are formed in the trap which catches debris, pieces and small objects. Clearing the trap and the pipe by disassembling all the kitchen sink drain assembly might be able to clear the clog that is not being cleared with other methods. If the clogs is deep in the pipe or in an underground pipe, you will require longer tools. Our plumbers come with the best unclogging tools, no matter the location of the clog, we will be able to break it in short amount of time.

5.9. Chemical Plungers

There are a number of chemical plungers available on the market which can break different type of clogs. These are usually acidic chemicals that react with the clog to melt it away. A lot of care is needed to be taken while working with these compounds as their contact with skin can be harmful. Our plumbers always advice against the use of chemical plungers because along with the clog they also react with the drain pipe and may cause problems like rust, leaks and cracks etc.

5.10. Other Methods

A lot of other methods can also be found on the internet, some even with video explanation on YouTube. In each method always focus on the precautions, the tools needed, type of clog being broken and the effect of the method on the plumbing. Our plumbers use one of the best tools in the plumbing business and the most efficient techniques not only for unclogging but also for all types of plumbing tasks and projects.

6. Our Services

We offer a number of plumbing services to residential, commercial and industrial clients. All types of sinks and any other type of plumbing fixtures are unclogged, repaired, replaced and installed.

6.1. Sink Unclogging Service

If you are having trouble with your sink drain being clogged, our plumbers are always ready to help you with any type of plumbing issue at your home. Unclogging sink drains is one of our specialty services, no matter what is causing the blockage in your kitchen sink drain or wash basin drain, whether it is food, hair or some object stuck, we can clear out your drain is a very short amount of time. We take care of each and every part of sink plumbing, whether it is the water supply plumbing or water drainage plumbing. We can help you with a number of issues like.

  • Sink water supply pipes clogged
  • Sink faucet clogged
  • Sink faucet aerator clogged
  • Sink bowl hole clogged
  • Sink strainer clogged
  • Sink drain clogged
  • Sink disposal unit clogged
  • Sink drain hose clogged
  • Sink trap(siphon) clogged
  • Sink drain pipe clogged in the wall
  • Sink drain pipe clogged underground

In some cases a clog occurs over and over again and doesn’t go away even after getting the pipes cleared a number of time. Our plumber always inspect the water supply plumbing and the drain line in order to find the root cause of the clog, fix the problem and also give tips to the owners on how to avoid the type of clogs they usually face.

Getting sink unclogged might not cost a lot but if the problem is persistent this can bulk up. We assure you getting our affordable services a single time will be able to make the problem go away for good.

6.2. Sink Maintenance Service

We also offer over the top maintenance service for your plumbing system and fixture. Each plumbing fixture for example a sink is made up of a number of parts and each part has to work its best in order for the fixture to work perfectly. Most of the plumbing fixtures require constant maintenance for the fixture to work properly for a long period of time. Especially in commercial buildings, there is a need for constant maintenance because there are a number of people who depend on the plumbing fixture to work.

We offer affordable maintenance solutions for both homeowners and business owners. You can call us to get more information about our sink and plumbing maintenance plans.

6.3. Sink Repair Service

Whether the fault is in the sink water supply plumbing or the water drainage plumbing, we can provide you with affordable repair service you restore your sink to its functional state. Some old, rusty and damaged parts in your plumbing system can be the cause of the clogs and also a threat for the whole system. Here are a few of the repair services we offer for sinks.

  • Sink water supply plumbing repairs
  • Sink faucet repairs
  • Sink drain repairs
  • Sink trap repairs
  • Sink drain pipe repairs
  • And many more

6.4. Sink Installation and Replacement Services

We also offer sink installation and replacement service along with all the water supply and water drainage plumbing system. We offer installation service for any type of sink at any location of the home, whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or any other place.

If you are looking for an upgrade of your sink, we can provide you with a number of options that meets your needs and taste.

7. Best Services in the Area

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our plumbing services over the others in the area. We understand that it is very hard to trust someone with you building’s plumbing. Our plumbers have years of experience, exceptional reputation and trust earned by helping our customer with all type of plumbing problems especially sink unclogging.

  • Exceptional customer service: We clean everything up before leaving your place, we treat all of our customer with respect and our happy and helpful plumbers work round the clock for your convenience.
  • Upfront and flat pricing: You always know ahead of time what work will be done and what you will pay for it.
  • Convenient appointment times: We understand the importance of time for homeowners as well as the business owners so we offer flexible scheduling of appointments
  • Licensed and Insured: We are a licensed and insured company and also every one of our plumber and technician hold a license and certifications.
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