WC Clogged: the cause and the solution! (tip)

WC Clogged: what to do?

A clogged WC is a nightmare for every business owner and manager. If this problem occurs at a busy day it could leave a number of customers angry and unsatisfied. Our plumbers are always available to fix these kind of issues as fast as possible while providing a reliable solution. We also recommend our regular maintenance services in order to avoid similar major disasters.

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1. What is a WC

WC stand for Water Closet which is usually referred to as the bathroom in a pubic area, restaurant, pub etc. WC plays an important part in making the customer experience great. A nonfunctional WC of a business place not only attracts less customers but also leaves bad feedback and reviews. In this age of technology for a business to attract a lot of customers and provide them with a good experience each system should produce satisfactory result. A lot of business owners put too much effort in production and sometimes like plumbing system of the WC gets neglected. This could result in major problem and leave a lot of customer with a bad experience.

In case of a problem our fast response team will provide you with efficient and reliable emergency services. No matter what time of the day or night it is, we are always available for you. We also provide over the top maintenance solution of business plumbing systems so that you don’t have to worry about plumbing disaster and focus completely on production and customer experience. We provide a number of different suitable and affordable WC maintenance and repair plans. To get more information about our emergency unclogging and maintenance services. you can call us anytime

2. Reason of Clogged WC

One of the most embarrassing moments for the business owners is when there WC gets clogged and the customers are not having the experience that desire. There is no singular reason to why a WC clog occurs. All the plumbing fixtures in a WC are different there are a lot of factors that affect the drainage plumbing system of a WC. There can be a number of reason behind a clogged toilet and it is very important to have some information about the nature and size of the clog before attempting to break it.

  1. Low flow toilets, a lot of times business owner don’t put a good amount of care and effort in the building plumbing system and the old, weak, low flow toilet with fragile flushing power become the cause of a major plumbing disaster.
  2. Flushing too much waste down the toilet drain, most of the time the WC toilet and other plumbing fixture are burdened too much. Some customers are not very careful about the plumbing fixtures and they dump a lot of no disposable objects leaving the plumbing fixtures with massive clogs.
  3. Hard water becomes the cause of sediment deposits in the traps of the plumbing fixtures which over time assists in the buildup of a massive clog.
  4. Sometimes rather than having a problem in the plumbing fixture, there drain line, pipes and sewer lines are clogged. Grease and other debris can form a big clog deep inside the pipe and cause slow drainage or water backups.

Our plumber are highly trained to fix a plumbing problem in short amount of time. Especially in case of businesses, we know how important a fully working and reliable plumbing system is to the business. We also provide emergency solutions to our residential and commercial customers.

3. How to Avoid a Clogged Toilet

There are a number of things that can be done in order to avoid major plumbing disasters in your commercial building. We offer regular maintenance to our commercial clients and take care of every aspect of their plumbing system in order to avoid embarrassment and major disasters.

There are a number of things the can be done in order to avoid a major plumbing disaster, for example

  1. For a low flow plumbing fixture which is very old and unreliable, the best thing to do is to replace it with a new and powerful model. Our plumber can help you with the installation of any type of plumbing fixture in the WC. We follow all the international plumbing standards while installing and provide market leading warranties for the products we install.
  2. Regular maintenance is important as it will get rid of any type of clog buildup in pipes, traps and drain lines. Our plumber use the top quality flushing products, best methods and modern tools to regularly maintain your plumbing so that it can handle the burden that comes its way.
  3. Using a water softener is also a good idea if there are frequent clogs caused by salts and sediments deposits in, pipes, tarps and drains. Our plumbers can you with the reliable installation of best quality water softeners and filters.
  4. Our plumbers also do the regular maintenance of all the drainage plumbing system, pipes and sewer lines and avoid the build of any type of clog. All the plumbing is tested and carefully examined time to time and in case of small issues like slow drainage problem, these are resolved right away. This helps in avoid any type of major issues.

4. Importance of a well Maintained Plumbing System for a Business

Plumbing is one of the most important system installed in a property. If this system doesn’t work properly it affect the experience, hygiene and well-being of the individuals who are dependent of the plumbing fixtures. A plumbing system is one of the most used systems in a business building and commercial place but most of the time its importance is ignored. Most of the businesses only get the help of a plumber when a major disaster occurs. A lot of different businesses especially hospitality business are highly dependent on their plumbing system to work efficiently and reliably. If this system is not given any care, it could result is a massive loss and unsatisfied customers.

A lot of businesses no a day invest in plumbing maintenance, this help them not only in avoiding major disasters but also its makes the system more efficient and reliable

There are a number of reasons why it is important to invent in maintenance plumbing services.

  • Maintaining a plumbing results in an efficient plumbing system with help in saving a lot of money. An inefficient plumbing system requires a lot more energy to run it properly. By having an efficient and well maintained plumbing system you can save a lot of water heating cost, gas and electricity bills, prevent water from leaking which in turn helps in avoiding costly water bills and also saves you from a huge repair, replacement and water insulation costs.
  • Due to an ineffective plumbing system there can be a lot of pressure on pipes, faucets and drainage lines which can decrease the life and efficiency of the overall plumbing. A well maintained plumbing system can help in making the plumbing last longer, making it more reliable and avoid equipment failure.
  • You can avoid a major plumbing disaster. When the emergency plumber is called usually the case is that the whole plumbing system has been compromised. There could be a lot of damage to the system which could only be fixed by extensive repair and replacement work. This could be a very big problem for small business like restaurant and pubs. To avoid a major disaster all of the plumbing should be regularly maintained.

We offer a number of maintenance option for our commercial customer and clients. Our plumber and always dedicated to make the plumbing system of you place more efficient and reliable. We provide a number of maintenance service that can help you prevent major replacement and repair cost.

5. Complexity of a Commercial Plumbing System

There are a lot of difference between commercial plumbing system and a residential plumbing system. For a commercial plumbing job it is very important to hire a certified commercial plumber who can handle the complexity of the plumbing and also the commercial grade material used in the system. We always provide our commercial and business client with our plumbers who are certified and licensed to provide commercial plumbing services.

Because of a number of differences only a certified commercial plumber will be able to provide you with reliable plumbing services and solution to the problem

  • The daily usage of the commercial plumbing system is much frequent and greater. There are huge number of pipes and joints in a commercial plumbing system especially for larger businesses. A lot of times business need to provide WC for both their clients and employees that is why a commercial plumbing system need to be more durable, stronger and also well maintained as there are a number of people who are dependent on the system to work properly.
  • A commercial plumbing system is always much more complex as it is a network of a huge number of pipes and joints. There are multiple floor and multiple plumbing fixture on these floors. I case of a problem like a clog only a professional and certified commercial plumber will be able to navigate the root cause of the problem and fix it, reliably, efficiently and quickly.
  • The complexity of commercial plumbing system also mean that in case of a problem there is a potential of massive damage. That is why it is recommended to get our commercial plumbing maintenance solution.
  • The commercial plumbing system also have to be efficient. There are a number of people in the business building who use the plumbing system and in case of a problem a huge number of people get affected. This not only causes bad customer experiences but also low productivity of the workforce.

7. How to Fix a WC Clogged Toilet

There a number of methods of unclogging a toilet and breaking the blockage. A number of things can be tried on your own before calling the plumber. It is always best to go for easy and green ways of unclogging if you don’t have a good idea of how the plumbing system of the fixture works. It is always better to avoid the methods that involve hards and acidic chemical that can cause skin irritation and burns. Here as some of very common and useful methods you should know to get out of an emergency situation especially if you are running/managing a business and find out the toilet in the WC is clogged.

7.1. Tapping Method

One of the most underrated methods of unclogging toilets is tapping methods. This methods only work for minor clogs and is most useful if tired right after the trouble starts. In order to break your toilet of minor clog tap on the back side of the bowl with your shoe or barefoot. This can help in dislodging the minor clogs which is stuck in the drain or tarp and setting your plumbing fixture free of the blockage.

7.2. Hot water bucket

This methods also works for minor clogs only. Dumping a bucket of hot tap water or boiling water form a kettle directly into the toilet usually break a minor clog. This put a lot of pressure of the clog and also the hot water melts the blockage. The water should be poured quickly to apply a lot of pressure on the clog but also its a good idea to avoid splashes and turning the WC into a pool of water.

7.3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Pouring one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down the drain is one of the most common methods to unclog a drain but if there is too much water in the bowl the vinegar will become too much diluted and will not be a lot effective.

7.4. Boiling Water and Dish Detergent

Sometimes dumping hot tap water is not enough to break the clog. The next method to try if the hot bucket of water does not work is then using boiling water along with dish detergent might be able to do the trick. For this methods you will have to pour dish detergent in the toilet bowl and let it sit for some time so that it reaches the clog. You can boil water in a kettle while the dish detergent is settling down. Pouring hot water in this bowl can help break the stubborn blockage.

7.5. Drain Cleaning Chemicals

There are a number of drain cleaning chemical available on the market which are usually acidic in nature, react with the clog and break the blockage. Extra care needs to be taken while working with these kind of chemicals and skin contact can be have adverse effect. Each type of chemical come with its own instructions that are usually written on the box. Some of these kind of are very toxic and are also harmful to the plumbing. These chemicals can cause corrosions, cracks and sometimes even breakages.

7.6. Plunging

The most conventional method of unclogging toilet is the use of a plunger. There are several types of plungers and the most common are bell plunger and flange plunger. It important to know the proper technique of plunging to apply the maximum amount of pressure on the clog. Also all the nearby drains and opening are needed to be air tight sealed. This not only helps in putting the maximum amount of pressure but also avoid water splashes.

7.7. Snaking

A plunging snake may be categorized as a professional plumbing tool but it is very cheap and easy to use. It is also very effective at breaking stubborn clogs. This tool is also needed be used with a lot of care as it can leave marks and cracks on the smooth porcelain finish of the toilet.

8. Our Services

We offer a number of different services for our commercial clients especially for the WC and restroom plumbing systems.

8.1. Emergency Services

We offer our emergency services by the help of highly trained plumber professionals who are expert in finding cause of a problem and fixing it in short amount of time while providing a reliable solution. As soon as you contact us about an emergency problem, your issue becomes our priority. Our plumbers arrive fully equipped with modern and efficient tools to diagnose the problem and fix it right away. Our plumber will also let you know the detail of the problems in advance and the necessary thing to do in order to fix it. The work will only start if you agree to the upfront price. This helps us in avoiding any issues and keep the system clean and transparent.

8.2. Unclogging Services

Clogs in commercial WC and restrooms are very common because a lot of people who use the fixtures are not very careful. Regular drain cleaning is very important in case of WC plumbing fixtures in order to avoid major issues. We also offer inspection services to find out the real problem behind slow drainage and clogs. This help can help you in preventing emergency issues and getting the problems fixed while they are still small.

The most common services we offer are

  • Unclogging clogs in all type of plumbing fixtures, pipes and sewers
  • Fixing slow draining issues by drain cleaning
  • Fixing unusual noise made while flushing and draining
  • Water backup etc.

8.3. Repair Services

Sometimes if the issues are persistent and are not going away with drain cleaning, after the careful inspection of the all the plumbing system our plumbers can advise you to get some parts of the drainage plumbing repaired. This will not only increase the efficiency of the plumbing system but also avoid major issues. All the repair work is done by the expert plumber who are certified to provide repair services to commercial customers.

8.4. Replacement and Installation Services

In some case the plumbing system might lose its efficiency and it becomes inevitable to replace a few part of it to avoid any recurring problems and major disasters. Our plumbers will carefully examine all the plumbing system and will only advice to get some part of your plumbing system replaced if those parts are beyond repair. All of the installation work is up to the international standards of installation of commercial grade material we also provide market leading warranties of the products we install.

8.5. Maintenance Services

Maintenance is one of the most important services we provide to our commercial clients. The plumbing system is tested and checked time to time. All the necessary repairs, replacements are advised and done by professional commercial painters. We provide a number of options for the commercial clients depending on the type and size of the business. You can call us to get more information about a maintenance plan that suit your business.

9. Best Plumber in the Area

We provide our services with a vision to help our fellow human in the area who are stuck with their plumbing problems at their homes or office building. We offer a complete set of plumbing services and are most well-known for our efficient and reliable unclogging services. All of our workforce is licensed, bonded and certified. We offer best solutions by using best methods and techniques.

There are a number of reason why we are one of the best plumbing company in town

  • We provide fast and efficient emergency services
  • Highly trained plumbers who are the best uncloggers
  • Certified commercial plumbers
  • Straightforward, clear and transparent process
  • We respect all of our customers and clients
  • We provide top level of customer satisfaction

We are highly experienced in fixing all type of plumbing problems that occur to a WC especially clogs. We will provide you faster, durable and reliable solution. You can trust us behind your plumbing system so that you can totally focus on running and growing your business without any distraction and worry.

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